Thursday, August 17, 2006

Baby steps

It was one month ago today that I asked for your opinions on
upgrades to my web site at Monarch Music.
It's no mystery... I didn't exactly leap to action on this one. Partly because I've been waiting for the "right time" - when I'd have "enough time" to do something worthwhile, or simply when the "mood" would hit. Also though, my sense of creativity has been dulled somewhat.

I was reflecting on the time when DJing was a hobby for me. It was a time when I would freely give all kinds of effort to the project. Had the internet been present when I was 16, I'd have likely done up a whiz-bang site.

Not only did I NOT switch programmes, employing yet again stupidly-clunky "Front Page", I also didn't do anything overly eye-catching.


It's simple.
It's understandable.
It's navigatable.

It's a start.

Over the next few days I'll be adding "content", so... stay tuned! And thanks for all your input! I'll be sure to cover all those bases as I go.

Oh... yah... just about forgot! THREE HOURS after posting the new site I received a call and booked a party.

The lady said, "You're the only one who says what it is you do!"

I was surprised, because isn't that what a web site DOES? None the less, I was happy to take her booking!

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wthenrest said...

website looks like it is coming together ... I like the take me hime button... that could be a dual purpose for you :0) Just kidding... I will be waiting to see the content part.
P.S had a fab trip and lots of experiences.

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