Monday, October 29, 2007

What I heard...

Walking around my neighbourhood this morning, hot tea in hand, I crossed the street at the local high school and past a group of kids congregating at the pizza place. (Yes, this pizza store is open bright and early on a school day!) Something happened as I passed by that made me think of fellow blogger Jeremiah who, on occasion, writes "Confessions of a Serial Eavesdropper: Things I heard this weekend while not minding my own business..."

What I heard was this:

"...ya, man - so my friend was hard-up for a gift so he gave his grandpa a stolen iPod..."

I have my own thoughts about this, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I need a word...

Something's been bugging me lately.

You know those little word plays we did as kids? I have one running through my head, and I need a word to complete it. Maybe you can help?




...and here's the stumper...

I cannot think of a phrase for TURTLE!
What rhymes with TURTLE??


9:54AM - I went Googling to discover that, according to ForeWord Magazine, there is a book called

"Real Soon, Raccoon! What to Say After "See You Later, Alligator" and "After While, Crocodile"
by: Roger Sperberg; Jill Kimball, Illustrator

The review I read went on to say:

"The idea started simply enough. Upon leaving the building, a neighbor said, "See you later, alligator," to which Sperberg's son, Sam, replied, "After while, crocodile." Sam's mother, illustrator Jill Kimball, added "Real soon, raccoon." Sperberg said after that, he, his wife, and son would exchange similar lines as he left for work each day. The book grew out of these exchanges."

...still has me wondering about TURTLE.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where do I fit in when it comes to sports?

There are some things we're meant to do in this life, and there are some things we're simply not.

Sports, I am not cut out for - especially contact sports like football, rugby and what's on my mind right now, hockey.

A/C posted today on his non-encounters with Rocket Richard. It got me thinking about famous people, why they're famous and with which of them I might have had some contact.

I often work with media personalities local to the area, but I was hard pressed to think of any sports icons.

Then I remembered Tim Horton's. Not the coffee shop specifically, but rather the events I do sound for in support of the Children's Ranch in the Kananaskis.

For a number of years, the event was hosted by Dennis and Bobby Hull. Both hockey legends in their own right.

Dennis Hull - in my opinion a much, much funnier man than his older brother Bobby.

Bobby Hull - The "Golden Jet" often teased by his younger brother over his seemingly vast number of wives!

In recent years I've worked directly with Kelly Hrudey.

What do I admire about him?

He knows how to wear a wireless lavaliere microphone!

A few years back we had a number of guest speakers at the Tim Horton Charity Golf Tournament. Two microphones for three presenters. Kelly was the MC, so he kept his microphone throughout the evening. I cannot remember specifically the other two presenters, but one fellow didn't like where I had placed the microphone - in the centre of his chest, clipped to his tie. (as is standard procedure) Then this fellow did something really dumb.


When this fellow addressed the left side of the room, we heard everything clearly. When he addressed the right side, we lost him completely. There was nothing I could do except watch him very closely and adjust the volume of his microphone according to the direction he was facing.

When Kelly got up to speak once again, all was well because HE had placed his microphone correctly - and left it there!

Kelly Hrudey - posed for this shot as he passed by my table at the 2007 Tim Horton Charity Golf Tournament

So my admiration for a famous hockey player may have nothing to do with the sport, but it's obvious that when getting up to speak, he knows what the GOAL is, and that's to be HEARD.

I may not play sports, but in making it possible for some of those who do to be heard, I connect with them and that keeps me interested in the game.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My weekend persuits

The weather over the last three weekends here in Calgary has been absolutely fabulous. In fact, the phases of the moon must have been 'just right', because the nature of the workload over these three weekends has allowed me to spend a great deal of time on each successive Saturday hiking in the Kananaskis.

Experience has taught me that we all love a blog post full of photos, so sit back and enjoy while I take you on a pictorial journey to Rawson Lake and Lillian Lake on the Galatea trail.

Taking the trail around the south end of the Upper Kananaskis Lake leads you to a fork in the trial.

Rawson Lake is a short, but moderately challenging trek south.

The view through the trees at the south end of the Upper Kananaskis Lake

Rawson Lake - like a mirror; you can see the reflection of Mount Sarrail.

The suspension bridge on the head of the trail to Lillian Lake and the Galatea Lakes. The Galatea trail is about 10 minutes south of the Kananaskis Village turnoff on Highway 40 - south of the Transcanada Highway.

The Galatea trail is to date my favourite hike. One of the things I love is the occurrence of many bridges along the path.

It amazed me how clear the water was!

Approaching the lake, the snow became more prevalent.

Lillian Lake from the west side campsites. I've been known to swim in this lake in August, but last Saturday I would have recommended neither swimming or skating!

The trail on the way down was particularly slick.

One of my hiking partners, D., remarked on how the light hit the mountain, and I was particularly impressed with how my wee camera captured it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My new room mate

On Tuesday of last week I met with Sarah over coffee at the U. She told me about Nimbus, one of her kitties, and the trip to the vet. She also told me that her vet had rescued a 4-month-old kitty.

Apparently a couple had brought her in the be euthanized for scratching their baby.

That's right.

I swear, some people need an education when it comes to animals and small children. First of all, given the choice I would probably lose the kid before the cat, but I say this out of frustration. I'm simply furious that they would KILL a cat because it did something that cats do.

Secondly, what the hell were they THINKING getting a kitten with a newborn?????

One of the girls at the vet's office took it upon herself to "socialize" the cat.

I took a day or so to think about whether I was ready for another pet after Bob and DJ.

On Friday morning I went up to visit the kitten. After a lengthy pondering (of about ten seconds, I'm sure) I decided to take her home. The folks at the vet's office loaded me up with not only said kitten, (named Lola - which was a bit of a shock since my basement tenant's name is Lola) but a big bag of food, some food sample packs and her toy mouse.

Now, what, do you suppose, was her first official act upon arriving home?

A- Acted cute and sweet and did everything according to plan

B- Slept

C- Shit on the bed

If you chose "A", you're dreaming, if you chose "B", you get part marks for at least knowing the nature of cats, but if you chose "C", you have rung the bell!


How endearing.

Once we established that the BED is for sleeping in and the LITTER BOX is for rental returns, my anxiety level returned to near normal.

I discovered, however, that said kitty has, indeed, the makings of a true princess. Day two, and she'd already discovered a love for clean laundry and... money.

I would have said she has the makings of an accountant, but I dare say she has neither the patience nor the focus required for such a profession.

I swear, she never sleeps!

I woke up once last night to catch her in the act of actually 'cat napping', but as soon as she realized I was awake, she was all over the place!

Now, as for her name. I don't think I quite got across to you my true feelings about "Lola".

I hate it.

There is no way I'm going to have a cat named after my basement tenant! So, I had to find another name. In my frustration, I figured "Tequila" might be suitable as it reflects quite accurately my urge to deal with kitty situations. Yes, folks, this one may just drive me to drink! Then I thought, naaaawww... that's silly. Tequila? Who was I kidding??

Then I thought... "Tee-Kee". Cute, and quite acceptable. And if it's short for "Tequila", there will always be a story to tell.

As I was pondering this, I began to think back to my visit to New Zealand in 1978. The Maori people make a jade "Tiki", a good luck charm. Those who wear it are believed to be of higher intellect, insight and intelligence.

A good luck charm... tequila... it's all good. So, "Tee-Kee" has become "Tiki", or more to the point, "Lola" has become "Tiki", and as far as I can tell, it's all the same to her!

As I write this, Tiki is curled up on my lap and seems to be in her most sedate state since she moved in.

Tequila, I hear, makes a good sedative.

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