Saturday, December 19, 2009

A lack of information...

As I was logging on to Blogger just now I was stumped for a post title.

After log-in, I noticed I've posted 411 times since opening the Armchair in 2005. I thought to myself,

"Hmm... 411... that's like the number you dial for information."

Certainly there hasn't been a lot of that here in recent months. In fact, it's been over a month since I last checked in. I've felt sluggish about blogging, and have really been out of my normal operating mode: no pottery, no yoga, no English classes.

I have been busy though. Work's been monopolizing my time - catching up on housekeeping matters and keeping my eye on the horizon has been a full-time-and-then-some job. In some ways I feel like I've slipped from "ship's captain" back down to "grunt of the sea", but perhaps it's a captain's duty to do what needs to be done for the benefit of the whole. I'm looking forward to climbing myself back up on to the look-out tower in January if only to get a big-picture view of not only the work world, but my life (and lifestyle) as a whole.

As I approach 40, (about six weeks away) I'm finding myself a wee bit confused. The calendar says I'm almost 4-0, but in my mind I feel much younger. The other day I had a wee panic about it. I thought about all the stuff I haven't done yet, where I thought I might be by now, and really - what my true-to-life position really is.

For the last number of years I've madly been defending myself against what typically happens to self-employed folks - becoming married to my job. It happened in my 20s and early 30s, and those on the outside would probably say I've done a pretty good job of finding good wholesome activity to provide a counter to the insanity that can and does easily take over.

Today marks 23 years (1986) since we did our first event for actual dollars. The next year will see some significant changes in how we go about making those dollars, not to mention what will get done with those dollars. The challenge will be to somehow "box up" the work so I don't slide into the abyss. I love my work, really. Trouble is I love a lot of other things too, and I want to fit it all in.

The next post will touch on a couple gifts I picked up for the business - both of which should help keep a lid on boss's hourly involvement,

On the list for January: Pump up the biz, Back to pottery (remember pottery??) and a wee bit of travel... oh, and more blogging!

Stay tuned...

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