Monday, June 11, 2012

I made it to Davefest!

I'm sure you've experienced it, regardless the career you're in. There are aspects, jobs and contracts that seem to stand out from the regular and everyday. I was forced to think about this a couple weeks ago when I was faced with a conflict. One of my suppliers offered me a week's wages to work on a project out of town - 6 hours north-east, actually. It meant possibly missing one of my favourite events, Davefest. I had been anticipating the 12th. annual ever since last year. What was especially exciting was that I was prepared to play... er... and sing. So along comes this opportunity for some significant work, and for a company that I know and love - not to mention a company that seems to have a real interest in establishing a long term working relationship. It appeared to be, quite literally, an either/or choice. It's sad in a way, but really the money trumped the freebee. Trouble was, I really, really, really wanted to do BOTH. Turns out that we caught up to the other trades at this project and couldn't proceed, quite literally until they'd built another wall which wasn't going to happen for another week. My wish came true. I made it to Davefest! What's more exciting is that these photos were taken, and all I had to do was show up! I'm lovin' the Yamaki nestled in with various other guitars! From my perspective, at the back of the theatre. When you're new at something, it's a really nervous feeling that comes over you when you present it in front of the masses. My Mom came out too, which really pleased me because I haven't had a chance to play and/or sing in her presence for some time. One of the stories she often tells is that of when I was in my early teens. I was to sing a solo at the church, and I flubbed it. Not miserably, but it was highly embarrassing. This, I suppose, was an opportunity to avenge a memory. My sister's family came out, too. My BIL made a point of saying, "Who knew David could sing??!" Some days I surprise even me. OK, Editor's note: My last post was published after Blogger went to this new format, and A/C mentioned something about my absence from blogging affecting my sense of paragraph form. I just had a quick look at a preview, and although I have spaces between all paragraphs, the entire text appears to be fudged into one big block. So much for organizing my ideas, but I think you get the idea. Any ideas on how to fix this??

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