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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fundraising mania!

The last couple weekends have seen us doing a considerable amount of charity work, seemingly in a short period of time only because a number of events that were spread out over the month of September last year were compressed into the last two weekends.

Although I swore I would never do "all nighters" ever again, it would seem that each weekend warranted its own 36-hour day.

Two Saturdays ago saw me out in Madden for the second wedding for a family in the last six years, and the third for the circle of Madden-based friends. After DJing until 2:00 AM Sunday morning, I ventured back to Calgary and, after a brief stop at Tim Hortons to refuel, headed straight for the Eau Claire Market to set up for the 2011 Terry Fox Run. It was the 30th Anniversary Celebration, and the turnout was a record 1600 runners and walkers.

Because it was so much fun, I repeated the performance this past weekend. We covered off three events this last Sunday: The Millarville Ride For STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) in Longview, the Prostate Cancer Canada "Stick It To Cancer" street hockey challenge at Crossiron Mills Market as well as the Calgary Scotia Bank AIDS Walk for Life at Eau Claire Market.

I spent Saturday evening at the hospital with my Mom, my sister came in to sit with her while I went home to load the van, then I returned to the hospital until Mom was admitted - shortly before 2:00 AM. I was scheduled to be on site for set up at 5:00 AM, figured I wasn't going to sleep anyway, so I headed to the Market early with the plan to take my time with set up.... not to mention the traditional stop at Timmies for a sandwich and a coffee! My neighbour J. calls this "in-flight fuelling" - only he does it during the day between regularly-scheduled appointments.

The headlining house band for AIDS Walk For Life 2011 was "Burning the Ground" - an 80's retro electronica band. They were amazing, and so much fun to work with and mix. I can honestly say it's the first time I've mixed a band with a keytar!

The Calgary Men's Chorus dropped in to do two sets of a-capella tunes

We even had a pump-up session courtesy World Health!

And of course... bellydancers!

The Mix station

There were even people in costume!

The Stage

The Roland V-Drum Electric Drum Kit - so VERY 80s!

The Synthesizer Station

The Keytar... also incredibly 80s!!

The best part?? This band had class... 80s electronica driven by a MacBook. (See... even the pros use Mac!)

...and Blogger's being dumb. The last set of photos will not line up with the text. Grrrr!!!!

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