Monday, October 08, 2007

My new room mate

On Tuesday of last week I met with Sarah over coffee at the U. She told me about Nimbus, one of her kitties, and the trip to the vet. She also told me that her vet had rescued a 4-month-old kitty.

Apparently a couple had brought her in the be euthanized for scratching their baby.

That's right.

I swear, some people need an education when it comes to animals and small children. First of all, given the choice I would probably lose the kid before the cat, but I say this out of frustration. I'm simply furious that they would KILL a cat because it did something that cats do.

Secondly, what the hell were they THINKING getting a kitten with a newborn?????

One of the girls at the vet's office took it upon herself to "socialize" the cat.

I took a day or so to think about whether I was ready for another pet after Bob and DJ.

On Friday morning I went up to visit the kitten. After a lengthy pondering (of about ten seconds, I'm sure) I decided to take her home. The folks at the vet's office loaded me up with not only said kitten, (named Lola - which was a bit of a shock since my basement tenant's name is Lola) but a big bag of food, some food sample packs and her toy mouse.

Now, what, do you suppose, was her first official act upon arriving home?

A- Acted cute and sweet and did everything according to plan

B- Slept

C- Shit on the bed

If you chose "A", you're dreaming, if you chose "B", you get part marks for at least knowing the nature of cats, but if you chose "C", you have rung the bell!


How endearing.

Once we established that the BED is for sleeping in and the LITTER BOX is for rental returns, my anxiety level returned to near normal.

I discovered, however, that said kitty has, indeed, the makings of a true princess. Day two, and she'd already discovered a love for clean laundry and... money.

I would have said she has the makings of an accountant, but I dare say she has neither the patience nor the focus required for such a profession.

I swear, she never sleeps!

I woke up once last night to catch her in the act of actually 'cat napping', but as soon as she realized I was awake, she was all over the place!

Now, as for her name. I don't think I quite got across to you my true feelings about "Lola".

I hate it.

There is no way I'm going to have a cat named after my basement tenant! So, I had to find another name. In my frustration, I figured "Tequila" might be suitable as it reflects quite accurately my urge to deal with kitty situations. Yes, folks, this one may just drive me to drink! Then I thought, naaaawww... that's silly. Tequila? Who was I kidding??

Then I thought... "Tee-Kee". Cute, and quite acceptable. And if it's short for "Tequila", there will always be a story to tell.

As I was pondering this, I began to think back to my visit to New Zealand in 1978. The Maori people make a jade "Tiki", a good luck charm. Those who wear it are believed to be of higher intellect, insight and intelligence.

A good luck charm... tequila... it's all good. So, "Tee-Kee" has become "Tiki", or more to the point, "Lola" has become "Tiki", and as far as I can tell, it's all the same to her!

As I write this, Tiki is curled up on my lap and seems to be in her most sedate state since she moved in.

Tequila, I hear, makes a good sedative.


Granny said...

I've never had a problem with cats and babies in the same house. I simply kept an eye on the cat until baby was old enough to fend for itself.

She's a cutie.

Anvilcloud said...

I think it's a mafia cat -- laundering money.

ipm said...

Tiki it is! and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... :)))

btw, she's quite cute!

Fiona said...

Very sweet, Dave.
I can tell you already have a soft spot for her.

Tiki is a perfect name!

Sarah Elaine said...

Aww... such a cutie pie! CLEARLY it's a match made in heaven!

Cheers! To Tiki!

Anonymous said...
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Ba Doozer said...

well now...isn't that just the cats meow! ok..that was dumb but I do'nt know what else to say

Jeremiah said...

I named one of my cats "Beaumont". Whenever I told guests my cat's name, they laughed. I thought it was a pretty good name, until a good friend of mine told me her cat's name: Otis. I still smile when I think of that.

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

Cute name for a qute kitty.

I don't think some people think at all; a baby in the house needs to be the only baby in the house, and that includes pets.


cat59 said...

Tiki sounds like the perfect name! What a sweet and funny post and, I'm sure, a sweet and funny kitty. I'm with you--I get annoyed with people who do not understand the nature and responsibility of animals. We have our dog Harry because he bit a cat when someone took him home with them. Fortunately, we do not have cats. We also got him shortly after the death of another beloved dog when we thought we weren't ready yet. But, saving a sweet animal from a sad fate will make you do things you might otherwise not do. I'm sure you and Tiki will be good for each other.

cat59 said...

Turtle Guy: You should check out the blog of possumlady She is a great animal lover and cat person.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hello, Tiki!
Don't scratch babies and DO NOT crap on your master's bed.
It's good that you took her in.
Grab a Valium and try to relax.

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