Friday, September 07, 2007

Bob, my buddy - rest and be free

BOB - June 1993 - September 7, 2007

About half an hour ago I said goodbye to Bob. His kidney failure had progressed to the point where keeping him here would serve only for my comfort.

Back in October of last year, I said goodbye to DJ. I remember wondering then if I had been something of a coward, staying only until he was sedated.

I promised Bob I would stay to see him on.

The whole experience was the same, but different in a way. Somehow, it seemed the right thing to do - regardless of whether I truly have the right to play God or not.

Below are some photos of Bob, and I'd like to share the rather humorous story of how he came to live with me back in 1994.

I came home one evening to find a cat on my front door step. It was cold - in the minus 20 degree range. I let him in. It's no mystery that when you start feeding cats, they don't leave.

About two months later, the Census lady came around asking all the usual questions. Only, this year there was one more:

"Do you have any pets?"

Bob was sitting on the pony wall at the front door. I said,

"Well, I've got this thing, but he wasn't by choice, he just kinda showed up."

She said,

"That's funny, the guy across the street said he HAD a cat up to a couple months ago."

We had a little laugh, and she said,

"I'll go tell him I found his cat!"

So, over comes my neighbour. He says,

"Oh, you can keep Bob. I found him out of town as a stray. I have Thor, my German Sheppard."

What makes this story funnier, is that this fellow's house mate was allergic to cats; thus, Bob was living in the garage. I've always pictured what it must have been like: Bob sitting in the middle of the road, looking one way thinking,


the other, thinking,

"Garage...", the choice was abundantly clear.

Over the years I've become quite fond of Bob. I think what I will miss the most is how he always wanted to be in the same room as I, not necessarily on my lap or 'in my face', but he just wanted to be 'around'. We also had a mutual understanding in that when he needed his space, he took it. When I needed mine, I'd have to close the door. There was something one-sided about that, I know, but I loved him none the less.

Rest, my good friend, and know you brought me and many others lots of joy while you were here.

Namaste, peace.

...there was the time Bob had an abscess in his foot and had to wear a cone. He wasn't happy, but he looked rather funny.

Bob used to hang out in the office with me to 'supervise'. The 'boss' was such a tyrant!

This is one of my favourite moments: when I walked into the bathroom to discover he was makin' trouble!


Anvilcloud said...

That's hard. I know, I've done it and will have to do it again sometime. This guy will be very hard to let go of. Anyway, ya done good. I figure it's up to us to give them as good a life as possible, and that's what you did.

Granny said...

I'm so sorry. I've been through it several times and it doesn't get easier.

ipm said...

thinking of you..

cathouse teri said...

Aw... such a sweet thing that you got to have him and he got to have you. I'm sorry for your loss. :(

cat59 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Having put two dogs down because of aging and quality of life issues, it is such a hard thing to do. I firmly believe it is the right thing to do, however. Sometimes, we can keep them living beyond what is best for them and that's not right. You and Bob were lucky you found each other. Take care.

Sarah Elaine said...

Just catching up on blogs. I'm so sorry to hear about Bob. He was both fiesty and lovable. I'm thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Bob...I'm sure there is a Cat Heaven as well. Your post truly does honour him. Be well!


smiley said...

I sorry to hear about Bob. I can imagine it must have been hard...

sari said...

I'm sorry about Bob. He looked like a good guy.

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