Friday, September 07, 2007

My private life, private.

As I sat down to post this morning, I was thinking about what I would write.

I came up short, quite honestly.

My life has been so full and rich these days, I've not blogged about much. I was going to write about my visit with N. last night around the fire pit, over scotch. Both the scotch and the conversation were good. N. is one of my 25-year-plus friends. Those longterm friendships are rare and rightfully treasured. But as I was typing, I decided not to write about that.

I began thinking about blogging and how much we tend to share with everyone, and openly and candidly at that. I was reading over some of my early posts here to discover that I did, indeed, share a great deal, and likely that is why I have what seem to be rather 'close' (if I may use that term) blog-relationships. We all have our regular readers and passers-by, and that is likely because we share a great deal of ourselves and our lives here.

Then I thought about the times I could have posted recently, but chose not to. I suppose some things are worthy of sharing, while others are deserving of their own private moments.


oshee said...

I keep running into some of the same thoughts. I try to never second guess if something is worthy of a post or not. I do censor myself to keep private things private. Finding the balance in it is a tough, but I've found very worth it. Sharing bits of myself through blogging has been very rewarding.

I have appreciated getting to know you. :-)

Granny said...

The balance can be difficult sometimes. I have never told a lie on a blog but I sure don't put everything out there, especially when the issue involves someone else.

Anvilcloud said...

A fine line, a delicate balance. How do you like my fine clichés?

Turtle Guy said...

OSHEE, GRANNY: Love your blogs, both and how much you DO share!

AC: You're a master with a phrase!

cat59 said...

Why we blog and what we share are interesting topics. I purposely have not shared the fact that I have a blog with anyone who knows me outside of cyberspace (with 2 exceptions--my husband and a long-time, very accepting friend who knows almost everything about me anyway). My reason was that I didn't want to censor my thoughts. I'm not sure why I started a blog. I like the anonymity of it, but I find I do censor myself somewhat, because, as you said, we tend to get regular readers who become a kind of community. I really don't want to imagine who I am writing for, but I can't help it. If I wanted to write only for myself, wouldn't I keep a traditional diary? And, yet, I never have. The few times I tried it, I hated it. For some reason, felt embarrased going back and reading old thoughts. Thanks for bringing up this topic.

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