Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recycling made easy, and lemon scotch

Did I find the coolest thing today!

I took my recycling over to the V.R.R.I. bottle depot this afternoon.

I had with me, also, a mass amount of glossy magazines, newspapers and cardboard. I didn't see any recycling bins on site, so I asked the fellow at the cash register if there were any such bins close by. It seems not all the malls have them anymore, and the ones that do seem to be further and further from my house. (

To my amazement, the fellow said,

"Yes, we have a green bin at the very back of the lot. Just throw all your stuff in there."

I said,

"Do I have to separate it?"

"No, there's just the one bin, and I was told it was for all papers and cardboard. Just toss it in."

Cool! I'm beginning to LIKE recycling! Makes me wonder though, why do they make you sort it at most of the recycling depots around town?

In the process of dumping out my magazine box, I promptly allowed it to slip and fall straight down into the bin. A fellow who worked there was having a smoke. He came over and fetched my plastic file box out of the bin for me, in exchange for telling him what time it was. I think I got the better end of THAT deal!

Recycling today was a nice break from having slugged away in the office on dreaded paperwork. I opted out of yoga class for today because of the effects of this nasty head cold I've had. In dealing with this, I've discovered that if you lace Neo Citran with a shot of scotch, it really does make a difference to the quality of sleep you get in a night.

That, and it's really nice and lemon-ey...

I highly recommend it.


Anvilcloud said...

So, they don't pick it up curbside out there?

Fiona said...

Neocitron and scotch....really....do you think that is a good idea?????

ipm said...

hope you are feeling better soon! we have one wheelie bin for all our recyclables and we just dump it all in... very cool and conducive to getting all the recyclables out!

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