Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where do I fit in when it comes to sports?

There are some things we're meant to do in this life, and there are some things we're simply not.

Sports, I am not cut out for - especially contact sports like football, rugby and what's on my mind right now, hockey.

A/C posted today on his non-encounters with Rocket Richard. It got me thinking about famous people, why they're famous and with which of them I might have had some contact.

I often work with media personalities local to the area, but I was hard pressed to think of any sports icons.

Then I remembered Tim Horton's. Not the coffee shop specifically, but rather the events I do sound for in support of the Children's Ranch in the Kananaskis.

For a number of years, the event was hosted by Dennis and Bobby Hull. Both hockey legends in their own right.

Dennis Hull - in my opinion a much, much funnier man than his older brother Bobby.

Bobby Hull - The "Golden Jet" often teased by his younger brother over his seemingly vast number of wives!

In recent years I've worked directly with Kelly Hrudey.

What do I admire about him?

He knows how to wear a wireless lavaliere microphone!

A few years back we had a number of guest speakers at the Tim Horton Charity Golf Tournament. Two microphones for three presenters. Kelly was the MC, so he kept his microphone throughout the evening. I cannot remember specifically the other two presenters, but one fellow didn't like where I had placed the microphone - in the centre of his chest, clipped to his tie. (as is standard procedure) Then this fellow did something really dumb.


When this fellow addressed the left side of the room, we heard everything clearly. When he addressed the right side, we lost him completely. There was nothing I could do except watch him very closely and adjust the volume of his microphone according to the direction he was facing.

When Kelly got up to speak once again, all was well because HE had placed his microphone correctly - and left it there!

Kelly Hrudey - posed for this shot as he passed by my table at the 2007 Tim Horton Charity Golf Tournament

So my admiration for a famous hockey player may have nothing to do with the sport, but it's obvious that when getting up to speak, he knows what the GOAL is, and that's to be HEARD.

I may not play sports, but in making it possible for some of those who do to be heard, I connect with them and that keeps me interested in the game.


Anvilcloud said...

I appreciate Kelly's comments when I see him on broadcasts.

BTW I haven't forgotten that I owe you photos. I just keep putting that task to the bottom of the stack. My other problem is that I have looked through some of my photos and decided that they are all crap and that I have no right to send them to anyone.

sari said...

I became a big Kelly Hrudey fan when I lived in the LA area and he was a King. After I moved to Arizona, I had season seats for the Coyotes I remember one game I was sitting at the end of the rink, behind the goal, and Hrudey was sitting in the tunnel because he was the backup goalie for the other team.

I asked the guard at the end to pass down a Hrudey card I had with me to get it autographed, and I had to laugh, Hrudey leaned over and looked over at me before he would agree to sign it. I don't know if he was making sure I was not some autograph hound who was going to sell his autograph or actually a fan, but my friend and I laughed that he had to see me before he would sign it.

I still have that card, by the way. Glad to hear he's still out and about.

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