Tuesday, August 29, 2006

En Guarde!

Well, OK... it's fencing, but with boards, not swords!

I'll tell you the long story later, busy, busy, busy!!

Oh, and pottery class is going swimmingly! This is the first pot I ever made, and hopefully this week it'll have been fired so I can learn glazing!

More later on this same station.


oshee said...

Is the bowl and the fence the same color on purpose? Or maybe it is just the lighting in the pictures.

Well done on both projects!

Turtle Guy said...

O - The bowl is actually grey. The fence, Turtle Green! What were the chances of THAT!?

pissed off patricia said...

Well, who knew you did pot? Glaze your own to, do you? Better build that fence a little higher if you're doing this stuff. ;)

smiley said...

Hey great work with your pottery classes :0) Don't think I'd ever have enough patience for it!

Turtle Guy said...

POP - I just about rolled off my chair laughing - you're hillarious!

Smiley - I'm not so sure it's as much about patience as it is a willingness to let your efforts get wrecked and move on to the next piece. Every one is a learning experience!

vera said...

I love pottery!
Although, I have never done it myself, other than paint it. HA! I'd love to learn it. No one will take a course with me and that is something I think I'd have to have my hand held while doing.

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