Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Renaissance man

My sister was teasing me the other day. The conversation went something like...

L. "How's it going?"

D. "Not bad... I'm extremely tired, work is busy. Oh, did I tell you I started a pottery class on Thursday?"

L. "Really? Wow!"

D. "Yah - it's really neat."

L. "Well, aren't you turning into quite the Renaissance Man!"

D. "Huh?"

L. "First an English course, now Pottery!"

Renaissance Man. That's funny!

I found her observation rather telling. She NOTICED a change in my behaviour. Was it really all that drastic? Have I been noticeably sitting around like a lump "DOING NOTHING", hence taking a couple courses makes it APPEAR I'm all of a sudden DOING - or DOING differently?

Lately I've felt this need to DO more and THINK less. As I write this I'm thinking... (yah, go figure!) maybe here is where I can do my "thinking" and in my "real-world" time I can be "doing".

All this said, I had a chat with R. the other day. She said "But THINKING is DOING! When you're THINKING, you're pondering the possibilities of action."

Maybe my next course will be Philosophy.


pissed off patricia said...

I think therefore I do. LOL

Sounds to me like you are enjoying a variety of experiences in life. I think that is mentally healthy. Good for you.

oshee said...

In the months I've been visiting you here, I've always found you to be quite adept at the pondering part. I think it is wonderful you are finding ways to stretching the doing part of yourself. I would love to take a pottery class, but I keep putting it off. Instead I keep taking writing classes. My pondering part needs constant reenergizing.

Jeremiah said...

Philosophy can sometimes be weirdly binding. I remember a college professor, long ago, telling me that we never actually move. I asked him how that could be, and he said:

"In order to take one step, we have to take a half step. And, in order to move that half step, we have to take half of that half step. And, in order to take half of a half step, we have to take half of a half of a half step..."

Well, you can see where this is going. If we have to take half of half a step all the time in order to move, then we actually never move.

Obviously, though, we do move. So, take the pottery class, and know that you are moving.

Turtle Guy said...

POP - I think therefore I do... hmm... wise words for some people I know who... don't!

O - Stretching is right! Growth can be painful!

J - I'd heard the same annalogy used to explain that in archery the arrow really never gets to the bullseye because of exactly what you've described. I always thought it was because I had no depth perception!

wthenrest said...

Personally speaking, the doing part is always harder when you have that "work" thing in the way. I think if it was removed my doing would become much more fun. Hmmmmm..... I hope that comes across properly.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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