Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I've always considered myself a communicator... a rather good one.

I recently hurt someone by NOT communicating clearly. As I have this window open, I can see in the right hand column of this very blog the words I cherish and aspire to live by:

"Don't worry 'bout the future - forget about the past gonna have a ball - ya we're gonna have a blast - gonna make it last!"

Maybe it would do me some good to reflect on these words and practice what I preach.


Expat Traveler said...

I guess if you are understanding your mistake, that is what counts. We all make mistakes, and maybe this was just one...

By the way...

I've tried pottery in 7,8th grade. Loved it so much that I tried taking it and becoming an aid and so on. Definitely a cool thing to do. But I'm not the most creative person..

Good luck!!!

smiley said...

We all have days when we miscommunicate things.

Anyway as expat says just realizing that there is a mistake, is the first step at overcoming it.

Klara said...

Most of us do that we never communicate clearly and we end up causing un- neccessary pain.
It's a lesson I believe you wont forget.................

Anonymous said...

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