Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've been reflecting on Jeremiah's
Poetry Word of the Week

The word is "Broken".

Now, although I fancy myself a bit of a writer, I certainly don't consider myself a poet. Heck, I'm not even a "potter"... yet!

The chosen word of the week tied in with a number of things in and around my life.

The following is more of a "list" than a poem, but I suppose "art" can take many, many forms - good and bad - so here it is, if only in point form:

It's 12:15 AM as I write this.

Broken is my sleep. It seems all too common these days and I'm sure it's affecting my performance, attitude and achievements... not to mention my personal life.

Recently I've taken on some new endeavours. Pottery is one in which the word "broken" is a tried and true experience! Many, many pots have been thrown - only to be thrown out.

On reflection, I've treated some people harshly and without thought for their feelings and position.

Killing time just doesn't happen - instead it seems to slip away.

Enough. I'm tired, it's time for bed.

Not a single project was "finished" this week.

As I bring this to a close I'm thinking of a better way to write it. Maybe I'll just finish it so it's done.

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