Monday, July 17, 2006

MUSIC MONDAY - Upgrading the music web site

Today I need your help. I'm setting about building a web site for my company, Monarch Music.

I'd like to know what turns you on about web sites.

-What "cool" stuff do you like to see?

-What are some of your favourite colours?

-Assuming you've never seen a DJ web site, off the top of your head, what, if it were missing, would cause you to immediately click "NEXT"?

While you're making your list, crank this one up!



"Boo" Julez said...

Hey Dave,
I was on a few other DJ websites and what drew me in to check out more was the user friendly-ness of the home page. If you have links to the different events you cover as well as to anything else you may want on the website it is very helpful to see those links right away.
Another thing that stood out for me was when I could see the person's picture (especially if the equipment is in the photo) - MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE RED-EYE! I just looked at a site with the DJ having extreme Red-eye and boy was it scary!

Anvilcloud said...

Just don't have an entry page. You know how you type in an address, and then you have to click again to get into the site once you're there? That's dumb unless there's a specific reason such as French/English.

You don't have to get incredibly fancy to make a good site which has all of appropriate information. It's all about making good information accessible.

megz_mum said...

Speaking as a user of non-DJ sites, I would have to say that it is important to be very clear. Sometimes the information becomes inaccessible because the website is just too clever, or too pretty, too fancy. It is always useful to have a truly excellent, clear, not too wordy and informative home page to navigate from, then a "home" button on those pages so you can get back again.
I agree with AC - I find those entry pages frustrating and of no value

Mike said...

Some great ideas above. I especially like the idea of adding a photo gallery of your DJ's, equipment, light shows, on the prowl at different locations with everyone smiling and no red eye.

I'd also add something small in FLASH to hook some folks who are looking for eye candy -- and some details of your services (perhaps price ranges for different services with a note to call or email for details -- with a link they can click that automatically opens up the email addressed to you)for those who are not lookking for eye candy.

smiley said...

Well I agree with "boo" about the user friendlyness. Keep it simple and to the point. I think it'll be great if you just have the basic info (already in your web page) in the front page and create links for more info about each category, so that the page is not cluttered with too much.

I like Black or dark backgrounds I think it has a rich appearance(but that's personal preference as you would have guessed from my blog)

Pictures of your DJ events would definitely make it look interesting, maybe a pic gallary as someone earlier had suggested.

Though I know that flash is the in thing I find it irritating cos pages with flash take ages to download and being the impatient person I am I usually go to another page instead.

I guess it depends a lot on the audience you're aiming the site at.

Btw I love that song, especially the line "I've got the brains you've got the looks, let's make lot's of money" :0)

Tug said...

I'm with Smiley on the flash, it makes me leave. Also superbright don't want it to hurt when people are reading it (so you'll have to be careful with a black background if you go that way). Don't put too light of font color on light backgrounds, that strains the eyes, too. Good luck, I'll be looking for it!!

Anonymous said...

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