Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bad day

I just have to chalk it up to a bad day. We all have them, and why should I be any different?

Saturday started out rather well, everything on time. By the end of the day (like, right now) I'm tired, sore, cranky and angry.

This too will pass.

I just don't understand why people these days aren't required to think for themselves. Remember the fuss over McDonald's Restaurants and coffee?? It seems EVERYTHING is SOMEONE ELSE'S responsibility. "Common sense" doesn't exsist because sense is not common to everyone.

No doubt today will bring with it its own refreshing daylight. Until then, I'll find refuge under a blanket.


Expat Traveler said...

hi dave - hope your day or week gets better. So how do I get so many comments?

Well if you are a sat photo hunt participant, you are supposed to go visit all of the other sites who participate.. We now have 100 people on the blog roll, so you do the math. Plus my normal followers you know. :)

Granny said...

All your normal followers plus me expat.

Hi Dave. Sorry about your no good horrible day.

Hope today goes better.

Sarah Elaine said...

So sorry to hear about your bad day. Sometimes, there is solace under that blanket... and it helps the ease the transition as you drift into tomorrow.

smiley said...

Hi there, Hope your day turns out better.

Jeremiah said...

Lack of personal accountability is rampant, and encouraged in the USA, and is protected by the courtrooms, and is the primary reason for the all the trouble we have. I'm sure it leaks over the border as well.

And, around here, you need a bullet-proof blanket to seek refuge under.

Take it slow, my man, get rejuvenated, and also take refuge in the fact that you can make a difference in your world just by being patient with it.

Expat Traveler said...

ah yes - meeting up.. I'm all for it! :)

Ginny said...

:-( I'm sorry to hear that...cheer up soon! And eat some microwave popcorn while you are under that blanket :-)

pissed off patricia said...

Okay, today is Tuesday, did things pick up for ya? As I recall the killing of the women and children in Lebanon ruined Sunday for a lot of people. Feeling sad and crying half a day does not a good day make.

Bast said...

Hi there,

Sorry for your bad day. I've been having a few lately so get it in spades. And you're right, taking responsibility for your own actions is a rare commodity these days. Groupthink predominates. As does entitlement and avoidance of said responsibility. Sigh - so this is life under Boomer leadership, eh?

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

I'm sorry you had a rotten day, and that your tired, sore, cranky and angry. Some times I want to hide under a blanket(or my grandmother's quilt) too.

Today my day wasn't real great either, I got woke at 5:30 after a nearly sleepless night by my daughter who had a bad ear ache. That meant I had to drive my husband to work by 6:45 so I could have the car, so I can then take my daughter to the doctor. At the doctor's I found out that the ear ache was a bad case of swimmers ear. Then I had to go fill two perscriptions one for ear drops and one for antibiotic at a new phamacy, because our insurence company just desided to change the RX part of our policy.

But it got better; after a very long day my small family and I ended up at Home Depot, where I got to walk through the nursery. And there is just something soothing about plants. My shoulder dropped and my head ache went away, and I realxed.

My daughter found some large pretty flowers that my husband then bought for me, and I ended the day planting them in my big pots at home. My bad day then ended in a feeling of contentment.

I hope you have a better day tommorrow, and maybe something will happen to make your day too.


Expat Traveler said...

well you know what I say... don't trust anyone but yourself... Then you stay sane all of the time..


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