Monday, July 03, 2006

MUSIC MONDAY - Holiday Monday in Canada

On July 1st. I was thinking about things Canadian. I went rooting through my old vinyl archives to discover just how much Canadian content I've collected without even realizing it!

Over the course of reading several blogs, I've noticed references to the stereotypical Canadian slang "Eh!". It brought to mind today's first piece from Bob and Doug McKenzie! Back in the very early 80s this album, and their TV hit "The Great White North" hit huge.

A guest appearence from none other than Geddy Lee of Rush fame sent "Take Off!" to the top of the charts.

Rick Moranis (Bob) and Dave Thomas (Doug) followed their TV and record album success with a moderately funny but fame-to-be-short-lived movie called Strange Brew. This one starts off in the "definitely a rental" category and may not even make the cut unless you're having some friends over for a Canadian Theme party or something.

Here's Take Off! from the Great White North album.

Anyone who knows me MUST know that if we're talking Canadian success stories, the obvious default - at least here at the Armchair - is going to be Bryan Adams.

I found my copy of this limited edition EP. It was the only release of Diana, (going Ga Ga over the Princess, are we??) and contains a neat medley - the Bryan Adamix

It's Only Love (w/ Tina Turner)
Fits Ya Good!



smiley said...

Hey I like the Brian Adamix. So that's why I haven't heard Diana. Somebody to Love has always been a fav of mine. :0)

ipodmomma said...

I have the 'Take Off' 45... and Strange Brew is a great flick!

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