Thursday, July 20, 2006

CAT TAILS 4: Conehead, Drainhead

It seems like a never-ending saga.

Poor D.J.

Back in June we discovered an abscess in his forehead. It was drained and stiched. It filled up again. It was then drained and left open to drain and heal. Over a month later (Monday) I discovered green goo gushing forth, and did it ever stink!

Yup. It was infected. Again.

Back to the vet - 4:00 PM appointment.

Stand-in doctor on duty this time. He seemed pretty confident that we should expand the area, making the inscision bigger to remove dead tissue from further back on his head. Apparently the dead tissue was housing the bacteria and fluid.

Fine. Proceed.

Admit him on Tuesday for the proceedure.

Wednesday morning, surprise, surprise it's filled up AGAIN!

In Wednesday at 4:00 PM for an assesment. Another stand-in doctor on site. (Dr. B. and Dr. S. were on holiday)
Well, the "new" doctor flipped.
"You NEVER do a proceedure like this without putting in a drain! What was he thinking!!???"
Being not a medical type, I went along with this way of thinking simply because it made sense.

"Poor Handsome must have an aweful headache! I'll give him something for the pain, but bring him back in the morning for surgery. I'll put in the proper drain and we'll take care of this."

8:00 AM this morning, back to the clinic.

3:30 PM DJ is ready to come home.

Looking a bit like something from a horror flick, he's home - happy to be home - and back to being Cone Head. Drain removal is scheduled for Monday at 5:30 PM.

This time, hopefully we're on it.


Anvilcloud said...

That must be one traumatized little cat.

Granny said...

Poor kitty. Maybe they'll have it right this time.

megz_mum said...

let's hope this is the answer now - poor cat!!

Janice said...

Aw, your poor cat. Stupid vet! I swear sometimes it seems they didn't pay any attention in medical school at all!

I sure hope the last vet knew what he was doing!


Sarah Elaine said...

I know of a vet who comes to your house, instead of making you drive to a clinic. I haven't used her but Z. and Bast both swear by her. If this keeps up, let me know and I'll get her info for you... DJ has had his share of trauma this year!! Poor fella...

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