Thursday, July 27, 2006

About placement

Although I’m a few days behind in my reading, perhaps it was meant to be. This piece touched me deeply today and brought much into perspective.


Why do you scorn others?
Can it be that you are that proud?
No matter how accomplished you are,
there are people ahead of you and behind you.
All beings on the path,
All victims of the same existence,
All with body, mind and spirit.
No one is better than the next person.
Help others for all the times that you
have been ignored.
Be kind to others, for all the times that you
have been scorned.

The journey of humanity is the journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

It’s like an endless march of souls through eternity. If you are standing in an infinitely long line of souls, how can you say that your position is superior to others? When there is no head and no end to the line, it doesn’t matter what place you hold. Therefore it is foolish to look down on those standing behind. They now occupy the place where you once stood. Instead of pride, you should feel compassion. If you cannot remember this, then just think of all the people ahead of you. You aspire to their place, and you should work diligently.

There is injustice in this world, yes. But there is no need to add to it. When you see someone more advanced than you, try to learn from them. Any other feelings are superfluous.

Meditation for July 25
365 Tao
Deng Ming-Dao
Harper Collins


smiley said...

Thanks for posting this. Equality of all is something that I feel very strongly about.

I've seen a lot of cut throat behaviour work where many will try to pull someone down to their leven rather than try to work hard and reach up to their level.

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