Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cat Tails 2 (and one Turtle)

It's just like having children, I swear.

On Thursday last week I took DJ to the vet to treat what seemed to be an infested cat-scratch on his nose. Upon examination, the vet warned me it could be, and more likely is a tumor. I'd noticed seeping from both eyes, and on further examination we found a bulge above the bridge of his nose. He was hospitalized for drainage and came home sporting a head cone and some antibiotics.

Sunday afternoon I noticed Bob making his way around the house on 3 legs, not 4. Although he did extremely well for himself, this was not normal. I discovered his rear left paw was punctured and puffy. So... off to the vet Monday afternoon. It's an abscess. So, surgery booked for cat #2 today. Dropped him off this morning and now he's back - definitely not happy about the situation because he too is now sporting a cone.

To top all this off, Turtle Dad has been on antibiotics since Wednesday of last week for a full-blown ear infection. Better now, but not 100%.

Is this what the Universe considers "balance"?


oshee said...

It seems to be the nature of things. Keep an eye on your computer. Mine died after all of us in the house had been sick for a month.

Sarah Elaine said...

OK, what Oshee said is weird... my computer died at work today. Kaput!

So sorry to hear about all the family illnesses. I have to say though, the photo (and thought) of the two cats running around with cones on their head is a bit funny... in a sad kind of way.

Here's hoping everyone is well and happy again soon.

Expat Traveler said...

yuck for vet bills! I took the kitten in for shots today, but maybe it's just the 666 getting past and things will be so much better starting tomorrow.

:) We can hope at least...

Anvilcloud said...

If you believe that things come in threes, then you're good to go.

Yesiree, I'll bet that these are decidely unamused pussy cats.

Granny said...

Is Turtle Dad sporting a cone as well or does he manage to keep from scratching?

We did the cone thing once. Not a happy cat.

smiley said...

Poor cats :0( They look kind of cute with the cones though.

Hope everyone at home will be back to their healthy selves.

ipodmomma said...

thinking happy healthy thoughts for all in your household...

and a happy b-day to your sis!

megz_mum said...

I like granny's comment - teeheehee!!

traveller one said...

Hope everyone is feeling better by now!

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