Monday, June 12, 2006

Cat Tails 3: "How's the kitty doing?" - Granny

As the titile suggests, the question has been posed! Gosh, where to start...

DJ was looking extremely worse-for-wear so on Thursday it was back to the vet. The bulge in his head had re-filled with fluid and his eyes were just a mess. The battle scar on his nose was also very crusted over and it was difficult to see just what was going on - other than a real mess.

By the time I got him, his cone and kennel to the vet, he'd bounced himself around inside enough to burst the stitches... fluid everwhere. Ick.

The first words out of Dr. B.'s mouth?

"It looks worse than it really is - there's no need to panic."

No need to panic? My cat sits on your exam table drenched in bood and you tell me there's no need to panic?

Long story short, the temporary loose stiches - all of 2 - were in place to keep things "neat" and weren't intended to "heal" the incision. In fact, the wound was supposed to drain through and around the stiches. What happened in actual fact was that the wound HEALED itself enough to retain fluid and form another pouch.

"The old school technique would have been to leave the wound open for drainage. This is what we'll do."

OK, you're the doc!

They kept DJ for the afternoon to clean him up and wouldn't you know it, his nose was just about healed! It was funny to see a hole in his head though... funny odd, not funny ha-ha.

On Friday Bob was scheduled to have the drain in his paw removed. Not fun. We're talking BOB... the cat who will tolerate a certain amount of petting, twitch his tail twice (which is the sign for those in the know) and then immediately nip his ever-so-faithful petter.

Today both cats are cone-free and loving every minute of it!

Turtle Dad has remained cone-free having never had the urge to scratch. The ear infection is just about healed and the medication is just about finished... a wee bit late because Turtle Dad was slow on the "follow the instructions to the letter" part.

Most everything is back to normal, yet I still have no music for you this Monday. Tired now, rest takes priority. Music Tuesday will occur tomorrow.


Granny said...

Thanks for the update and glad both kitties are on the mend.

Sans cones, all 3 of you.

smiley said...

Glad to here that all at home are cone free :0)

Looking forward to Music Tuesday.

ipodmomma said...

thanks for the update. poor kitties! glad you all are much better...

oshee said...

Glad to hear the family is improving and cone-free. Are the kitties punishing you for the cones still? Or are they all friendly and just glad they are gone?

megz_mum said...

Good to hear the "babies" are getting better - I would not have enjoyed cleaning up the cage!

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