Monday, June 05, 2006

MUSIC MONDAY: Rock Sampler Winner!

Well, I'm impressed! You guys tried really hard! Kudos to Julie for getting the list. When quizzed on just how she did it, she said "I used the internet!"

Well then... perhaps something a little more challenging next time?

Now, as promissed, there's a prize. And because I never play favourites, the prize goes to everyone who participated. That's right - just for stepping up to the plate, you got it!

The prize? Sorry Jeremiah, no bacon, however I thought maybe... some MUSIC?

There have been a number of tunes that have crossed my senses in my time here in the blogosphere, so I decided to assemble a compilation of tunes inspired by the people in this space. I'm not about to divulge the contents of the disc, but I will show you the cover:

Do you recognize anyone you know?

Now... I need some information.
  • Anvilcloud

  • Expatraveler

  • Ipodmama

  • Jeremiah

  • megz_mum

  • Roc Rebel Granny

  • Smiley

  • and Julie,

    Submit your postal address to and I will ship Turtle Tunes Volume One to your door!

    Thanks for comin' out!


    ipodmomma said...

    oh, wow! and I didn't even get an answer off to you....

    wow, too cool! will pop the address to you ASAP...

    ta love.... :)))

    smiley said...

    Cool, look forward to the cd :0)

    Expat Traveler said...

    Turtle guy - you are so generous!!! Really, you don't have to do that for us! But hey, it's worth paying you back somehow one day. :)

    Jeremiah said...

    Coolness! Big shout out to you. Thanks muchly. I love new tunes. I like new tunes because, as my co-worker's bumper sticker says:

    "I'm a rocker. I rock out."

    Address on the way...

    pissed off patricia said...

    Damn, look what I missed. Note to me, pay attention.

    megz_mum said...

    This will be great - and I wasn't even successful at identifying the songs! Thank you.

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