Monday, June 19, 2006

MUSIC MONDAY - Happy Birthday Paul!

Yesterday Paul McCartney turned 64. I thought it fitting to do a post... and a simple one at that. Last week's project hit many, many technical snags - the biggest of which was limited time!

So - this one's quick, sweet and simple.

I found a neat bio and history here.

And you can listen to When I'm 64.



Granny said...

It's hard to believe until I remember I'm 68. Just a little old for Beatlemania but I sure liked them.

ipodmomma said...

I wonder if when that photo was being taken he ever thought he'd really be 64 someday... :))

smiley said...

Well I wasn't even existing when the Beatle mania hit the world, but I must say I enjoy their songs. Especially songs like 'Let it be', 'I wanna hold your hand', 'It's been a ahrd day's night' and this one. :0)

Jeremiah said...

Yeah, Beatlemania predated me a bit, but I still marvel at their songs. To this day, to build the perfect pop song, you still only need to study Beatles songs.

megz_mum said...

Love the Beatles, love Paul McCartney and love "when I'm 64"

Mary said...

I love the Beatles. Even though they predated me, I listened to them more when I was a teen than I did the popular music at the time. I will always be a fan.

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