Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow...

Tomorrow's the day!

Today, the transcripts arrived in the mail. I have all the necessary paperwork to proceed.

Tomorrow I will apply at the U. of C. for my first University English Course.

Big day.

Big plans.

Tonight? Cleaning and painting.



Granny said...

Big step forward.

ipodmomma said...


but first the mundane...

will you start in the fall?

Anvilcloud said...

Great! Unrelated question: what ever happened to the Salsa lessons?

Turtle Guy said...

GRANNY - Big step forward, pause...

IPM - The mundane? ER... lots of reading ahead for the summer as I understand! I am applying for a Fall course, yes. Fingers crossed, I'm in!

AC - Ah, the Salsa lessons. *sigh* long story there, worth a post, stay tuned!

Mary said...

Way to go for taking the step. I understand a bit of what it feels like to be in your 30's and still not feel like a grown up. My husband's granny told him a few weeks ago that you do not really become an adult until you have kids. I think I found the fountain of youth.

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