Monday, September 25, 2006

what "busy" means... to me.

I noticed it's been about a week since my last post and that I haven't been around to visit everyone on "as regular" a basis as I'd like.

Life outside of the Armchair is full and rich right now. School, Pottery, Work and social time seem to be in balance.

I do, however find myself missing the blogosphere on occasion. This, too is part of my social balance.

I have so many ideas for posts BECAUSE of life's richness... I wish I had time to post about it all.

Perhaps I'll list just a few of my thoughts for upcoming posts...

-Was going to post about being sick over the weekend, but who has the time?? I survived and feeling almost back to normal.

-My parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary and the marathon session I put in to build a slide show for the occasion

-English Literature Class (of course I'm posting about THAT because it's on my brain when I get in the door that night!)

-Pottery... yes, must post more about pottery!

-Yesterday's charity event for STARS (our local Air Ambulance Service) Had a blast, got some sun, ate and drank lots and socialized with generous, giving folks.

-Cat Tails... I think there should be another post about DJ and Bob.

-Babysitting... confirmed to be a contact sport after all!

This picture has something to do with another thing that's been keeping me busy these days... can you guess?

There you have it, a few of the things that are keeping me busy that really do deserve their own post... but WHEN???!!!


As an aside, for feline lovers, this post at Morning Martini is so very cute!


Anvilcloud said...

That cat at Morning Martini is a dead ringer for The Rocks, who frequently assumes a similar position ... about which I must post.

sare said...

I think it's a good thing that you have more to blog about then time to blog about it. Life is too short not to pack it full!!! :)
Have a wonderful busy week!

Janice said...


Aw, you've sick? Poor turtle guy. Being sick sucks, I've just gotten well myself, but I'm still sneez--ac-ac-ew!

But that I'll blame on allergies!


Expat Traveler said...

yeah I think many of us have been blogging less lately. I got sick too, but better again... it's okay to be busy. but I too miss reading my blogs! You are not alone. :)

wthenrest said...

Arrogant Worms my friend- The Last Saskatchewan Pirate!!! good one...
Thanks for stopping in. I have also been 'busy' but I don't really know what I have accomplished. Looks like you are taking life by the horns though.
That is the only way.
I too have only periodically blogged... Sometimes you just have to think, not write.

Chrystal said...

I agree with Sare...better to have lots of things to blog about and not have the time to do it then have nothing going on. A full life is a good one :)

pissed off patricia said...

Aw shucks, thanks for the link to my Fred the Cat. He said to tell you he appreciates all the "attention" :)

There are days when there are tons of things to write about and other days when the mind goes blank. I like having the days when there are mulitple ideas much better.

Sounds to me like you are having a hell of a good time. Are you making jewelry now too?

Badoozie said...

no one has attacked your question yet? and i think it's a lightbulb. do i win a prize? no seriously, it's symbolic of you, trying to come up with an idea for an essay...right?

Sarah Elaine said...

OK... Blogger seems to be doing weird things so if this comment shows up twice, please delete one!

I also think it is a lightbulb. Fun with Christmas lights before Hallowe'en, maybe?

And welcome to student life, when your time gets gobbled up by many things - only one of which is classes!

oshee said...

It amazes me as well how busy life can get all of a sudden. Save up those stories..we look forward to them.

Miss 1999 said...

It is crazy how quickly life can become so busy, that you barely have a chance to look around. Take care of yourself- and visit when you've got time, we'll all be here when ya get back :0)

Granny said...

I hadn't looked at POP yet. I'll drop over there now.

Way behind on reading.

Granny said...

And scatterbrained as well. I'd not only seen Fred but left a comment.

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