Monday, September 11, 2006

My thoughts on 9/11

I wasn't going to post on this.

At all.

The day it happened, my friend N. was helping me manage my office. He kept me and two other people under my employ focused by literally turning off the TV, radio and any source of media that could be distracting to us.

"Let's not allow this to disrupt our day."

What he was getting at was that it happened, but don't allow it to do more damage than it already has. He kept us focused and our minds off the negativity.

This is precisely why I wasn't going to post.

But I read the poem over at Lady Jan's, left a comment and started to reflect.

My comment was this:

I often think of "rememberances" - World Wars, family losses and of course 9/11. It strikes me as odd that we focus on remembering the visciousness, the hatred, the loss of a loved one.

We, the living have so very much to be thankful for. I try to remember those who did what they could and are still here to tell the tale.

If ever I am a victim of such violence and hatred, I hope that those I leave behind spend more time being grateful for life than remembering death.

I really feel very strongly about this - that we do indeed spend far too little time focused on the beauty that is life.

Respecting it.

Enjoying it.

Getting everything we can from it.

I respect those who experienced the violence - lived or died. But when we remember them let's be mindful of the greatest gift we all share.

Don't worry 'bout the future - forget about the past.


cathouse teri said...

I also am considering posting today.

When my granddaughter was due around this time two years ago, everyone said, "Oh! I hope she's not born on 9/11!!!" To which I would say, "Why not? You'd prefer that day to be reserved for thoughts of death and destruction, never to be replaced with thoughts of new life?"

She was born the morning of 9/11. And a lively, beautiful spirit she is.

Much nicer than flowers on a grave.

Badoozie said...

good point. very good.

makes you wonder why people spend so much on caskets, and flowers at the graveyard. give that money to someone thats alive, and bury me in a plain box please....

Badoozie said...

i want to say one more thing then i'm going to shut my mouth..... i wish that when these things happen, that people would not take so many flowers and gifts and put them at the site, where they just die, and get ruined or stolen. i wish they would take that stuff to a hospital or some other place where people/kids who are alive could enjoy them.

Anvilcloud said...

I agree that we want to move forward with hope and optimism, but an occasional backward glance has its merits. Despite my own good intentions, I watched a documentary on 9/11 last night and was quite moved. I felt like I paid my respects once again.

Expat Traveler said...

Yes I don't want to make it the spotlight either... But I certainly do remember that day all so well.

oshee said...

I agree, I've kept the TV off of all of the special programing marking the anniversary. It feels manipulative, like the media wants me to be stuck on my couch sobbing all day. I will not give in to the negativity.

Granny said...

I haven't watched much - just the CBS program about the firefighters.

I didn't write much either - for once I was brief.

I agree about the media manipulation and not giving in to sorrow. However, to quote somebody or another, "he who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it". There are some things we'll always remember even as life goes on.

Pisser said...

I still think they should put a park there for the memorial, so that people could frolic in it - not some concrete edifice.

Miss 1999 said...

You're so right- focusing on the life of those people, not their death is truly better. I find myself so depressed on this day every year, because I'm bound by the horrible images and memories. I should focus on the fact that these people probably had wonderful lives, and would want that remembered more than anything.

Thanks for sharing this.

lori said...

I so agree with you. We have no assurance that we will live another day. We should live each day as though tomorrow might not come. We sure will get a lot more out of life that way. I am glad you posted, this was very good.

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

I kept my word and posted my own finishing toughts on 9-11. You should take a look at it.

And for the record I put flowers on my Dad's and my grandparents grave out of repect, and the love that I still feel for them. Maybe they don't know that I'm still doing it, but I do.

And my poem is a way that I showed repect for the people that suffered and or died on 9-11.


vera said...

i didn't acknowledge 9/11 on my blog. i guess i just didn't think i had to in order to express what i feel about it. everyone handles this event differently. everyone has their personal opinions about what happened and their own reasons for those opinions. personally, i've grieved enough for the loss of life on that day and now, i grieve for the loss of life that the terrorist act of The War on Terros has caused... i can see how this poem that the other blogger posted can make people "think". isn't it the same god that each other is praying, for different reasons. it makes you wonder who/what is actually listening...
now i'll stop before more people hate me...

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