Thursday, September 07, 2006

I miss Mollie.

When I first started blogging in November last year, one of the first blogs I was introduced to was that of Mollie.

By the handle Ipodmomma, Mollie would tell us about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. From what happened in the garden that day to what was going on in the kitchen or inside her head, we heard it all.

Ever at a loss for words?

Not Mollie!

There were some days I'd have to simply skim her posts because they were so blasted long!

I pointed out on a few occasions that what I really enjoyed about reading her page was how she wrote about family. It's obvious that her family is very close and enjoys all the little things that make life truly wonderful.

Mollie has taken a break from blogging, but the pages remain for all to read, so I encourage you to stop by and browse.

Quite often it would be the photos she'd include that would catch my interest. I took a few moments to put some up here for you to see...

We must start with, of course, the iPod!

Mollie's husband Peter - a jolly fellow!

...unless of course he has yet to have his morning coffee...

...and if I remember correctly it's Spencer, Jocelyn and Ted on top.

And the photos she would take of places and things!

This is one of my absolute favourites!

Anyone with kids will appreciate this one for sure! Note to my sister...

If you browse through her blog, you'll find that on a fairly regular basis this fellow shows up... sometimes out of the blue... but DEFINITELY good for a laugh!

Now... don't think for a minute I've fogotten about all the food!


So you see... it doesn't matter. People, places and things intrigue Mollie, and she LOVES telling the world about her experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Even the attack of the waffle monster.

I do hope she is soon to return.


Granny said...

I already emailed you of course.

Mollie said once she would walk over hot coals (or something like that) for me.

I would do the same for her. She has to be one of the most decent, loving, people who sits in front of a computer.

And she's a Giants fan!!

Badoozie said...

ok, to be perfectly honest, i hate when people i am attached to "take a break" in other words quit blogging!!

it's been kind of tough for me. because i get to be friends with a lot of them and end up emailing a lot etc. i've met 2 blog friends. and i plan on meeting more. and there are some, who have disappeared that i was fond of. that really bites. but what can i do? nothing. nadda. can't control people. i want to, but i can't. i really really want to. i want to CONTROL PEOPLE. I WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.;

sorry bout that

Anonymous said...

blogs are so nice...they are records of one's's story.

Teddy said... You've created a shrine to my mother!


That's pretty awesome. Perhaps I shall encourage her to go back to her blogging, at least a little.

*Goes back, rereads shrine entry*

That's really

cathouse teri said...

What a sweet tribute to your blogging friend. (I almost accidentally put flogging friend... or flogging briend?
I sort of agree with susiebadoozie (what a crackup) ~ I like my people to stay right where I want them, but since I rarely stay where I'm put, I can hardly expect it!

Anyway, thanks for visiting MY blog, and I noticed that you love the movie "The Princess Bride." Have you read the book? Cause if you haven't, do so... PRONTO! It is a pleasure that is hard to match! (And I am a person who enjoys a great deal of pleasure!)

Come around and visit any time. :)

cathouse teri said...

I think it's hilarious that some of those pictures were posted even once! Let alone meriting an encore! :)

vera said...

I love turtles!

I love cake!

I love photography!

You have a nice little blog.


Jeremiah said...

Guilty! I de-blogged myself for a while, but I couldn't stay away. One day, while on hiatus, I was reading one of my favorite bloggers, and she mentioned my name, asking where I was. That was the nicest gesture, and it singlehandedly propelled me back into the blog-o-sphere.

I too miss ipodmomma--she was a faithful visitor to my blog and also emailed me, and even sent me a fruitcake! So, maybe, TG, your shout out to her might be what she needs to re-blog herself. I do, however, wish her the best on her time off.

Sue said...

I saw your comment in Granny's and hopped over here. Molly sounds like my kind of blogger. I enjoy those types of posts the most!
(I laughed when I saw the peanut butter with celery, as I had that in my most recent post)

lori said...

I'll have to visit her and read up on all the fun.

Miss 1999 said...

From the description and pictures, she seems like a really cool person- I can definitely see why you miss her!

Expat Traveler said...

wow - that is just funny.. I can see why you miss her. Yeah I haven't had much time for blogging lately. But being busy is just a fine thing anyhow!

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