Friday, September 01, 2006

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK - Part 2 of 3

...continued from ALL IN A DAY'S WORK - Part 1 of 3

Equipment stacked up...

...and placed at the "mix position"

The frame for the video screen

Screen snapped to the frame, and the "window washer" who saw my job as much more "interesting" and decided to put down her spray bottle in favour of offering to help lift the screen into place.

Screen up and in place. Too much light behind the screen necessitated much work with black plastic and a staple gun!

The screen skirted and ready to show.

Power amps and audio snake in place

Looking back to the "mix position":
The cable hanging down to the left of the audio rack is the audio snake which I ran in the rafters using my trusty 12-foot ladder
And of course... my Timmy's coffee on top!

...Again Blogger isn't allowing me to insert any more photos - in this or an other window. I don't get it, but thanks Anvilcloud for the tips... I tried!

Part 3 shortly!


Ozi said...

pissed off patricia said...

So, on with the show?

Janice said...

Hi Turtle Guy,

H-mm? This is all really interesting, but what is it all for?


Badoozie said...

this is all very well and good, but will any of the pictures have you in them?

Chrystal said...

Hey Dave, I agree....get some pics with you in them!

Turtle Guy said...

Sadly, all... I was the guy holding the camera... a little difficult to get "action" shots from that side! Um... maybe I'll do a self-portrait post soon...

Shall we call it "Turtle Out of His Shell"?

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