Friday, September 15, 2006

Blogger Lesson 245.4

When writing a long post, always, always, always create it in something other than the web-based popup window supplied by Blogger.


I had a beautiful piece composed to walk you through my first English class on Tuesday.


I clicked "PUBLISH POST" and it may as well have read "DELETE ME".

I'll wait for the frustration to pass, write again and practice my "cut and paste" technique!

Until then, thanks everyone for your wonderfully supportive comments at the last post. It means a lot.


Turtle out. (for now)


cathouse teri said...

I had that happen yesterday. I forgot to do the saving thing and when I went to publish it got all hung up and ... man, was I mad!

However, later it showed up!

Sorry we are missing out on the story, though. :(

smiley said...

I turtle, hope you get time to write that post again. This has unfortunately happened to me too and I never seem to learn a lesson!

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