Monday, September 04, 2006

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK - Part 3 of 3

...continued from ALL IN A DAY'S WORK - Part 2 of 3

Mixer patch bay and wireless lav. receivers

Mixer and wireless handheld mic receivers

The evening's M.C. Kelly Rhudey - Light-hearted, funny, knowledgeable and every bit the professional.
He even knows how to wear a lavalier microphone!

One of the reasons I LOVE this contract...
BBQ Prime rib and chicken
catered by S.A.I.T. students!

So, another year has come and gone - more money raised for the Tim Horton Childrens Camp, and I'm looking forward to next year already! This was year 10 for me and rumour has it next year we're in Calgary... which will likely bring with it its own fresh, new dynamics.

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