Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time to catch up!

So now that my little rant over Music Monday has passed, I thought I'd drop in a post to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on around here.

The weekends have been crazy busy with work - the most recent being the long weekend which was a staffing nightmare. One guy I hired out of Red Deer was 45 minutes late for a girl's wedding ceremony... that did not go over well. Pardon me for ranting, but what the hell was he thinking???

"Well, it took me longer to get across Red Deer than I had anticipated, then there was a detour at Carstairs because of an accident."

OK... pause for station identification...

It's a long weekend.

There's ALWAYS an accident on Highway 2!
(some say it's Edmonton, but that's another rant)

Leave early. Especially on a long weekend!!


OK. I'll be fine... after just one more...

The first equipment delivery and setup was scheduled for 8AM Saturday. I show up to discover a rather rough-around-the-edges group of people. I'm thinking to myself... "something's just not good here... these people are going to eat their DJ alive, I know it!" Yes, it was going to be trial by fire for said DJ.

I said this because I had, out of necessity, scheduled a rather... shall we say "green" DJ. He was keen, so I figured, what better way to learn! However, after seeing what these folks were like SOBER, a BIG RED FLAG went up!

To complicate matters, the DJ in question didn't answer his phone... all day.

OK, now I'm nervous. Really nervous. I can't stand up a client, that's just not an option. So, start the scrambling process.

After calling close to a dozen contacts - people who might know people - I literally stumbled on a guy with ZERO experience, but he was qualified at this point by being a warm breathing body who could press play on a cd player!

So, R. stepped up to the plate, and did qute well!

I moved myself to the "all old country" party, and let me tell you... I don't think I've done a better party in ages! It was fun!

Oh, I forgot to mention that DJ who didn't answer his phone all day called me at 6PM! 6PM! Then, shows up at MY event wondering where he was supposed to work!

That's rich.

So at the end of the day, I paid out huge money in "fill in" wages, and had to refund some money which will work itself out down the vine, but everyone was mostly happy and I made four or five contacts for future consideration.

Monitarily a bit of a lost weekend, but in terms of resources... HUGE GAIN!

Closer to home, spent some time catching up with old friends. One in particular who has been a real blessing over the last couple weeks. It's funny when you spend time with someone who's struggling with similar challenges in life how easy it becomes to address one's own challenges - mostly for seeing things from a "removed" perspective. You know how it goes - it's easier to tackle someone else's challenges than your own... you're not invested. Some fresh new perspectives here.

Also caught up with D. & C. over the weekend and did some fun fort building for their kids.

The yard is showing singns of improvement too. My dad has a big green thumb and loves nothing better than to tackle the challenge of weeds! And since I have a little "gardening by God" going on, he's got lots to keep himself busy! Thanks Dad!

In additional projects, fine tuning the rental space downstairs. New tenant is rather... new... and very young. I think there's lots she just doesn't "get". Some interesting stories to tell, but perhaps for another post.

Kitty went in this morning for a shave. It's an annual ritual for said feline, DJ.. yah, no kidding.. I named him DJ!

He's a white, long-haired beast, and a real challenge to keep combed and matt-free. So I as much as he look forward to this day every year!

That's about it for catchup news... more later on this same station.


Anvilcloud said...

Do you suffer these kinds of employee problems frequently, or was it just one of those weekends?

ipodmomma said...

glad all in the end was okay...

poor kitty! but sometimes it's better to bite the bullet...

have a nice day... :)))

Granny said...

I have never seen a shaved cat. But then mine are all shorthairs.

How shaved is he?

Turtle Guy said...

A/C not a regular thing, just a dumb day...

IPM & GRANNY - You just wait till the next post!

Anonymous said...

I am one of "those" guys that could not help - sorry!

PS - Edmonton is not that bad. GO OILERS...


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