Saturday, May 06, 2006

burnt out

I've been running on reserve for about three weeks now - up at 5ish most every day, to bed by 11 or midnight. Takes its toll.

I'm home from work early tonight... wonderful family I worked for, low key party, done by 10:30. The drive in was peaceful (about 20 minutes west of Calgary) with the exception of some CRANKED B.A. but that was a much needed therapy. (The party was er... country and oldies... like I said, pretty low key!)

I'm ready for bed now and sleep will come very soon.

Back at 'er tomorrow...


ipodmomma said...

rest well, and have a relaxing weekend...

country and oldies, yup, that sounds mellow... :)))

Expat Traveler said...

yeah I was really burnt out too! Then well i got hit with a bug, not my idea of fun.

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