Saturday, May 27, 2006

...almost 36 hours in!

So, here I am. At the Underground Ciber Cafe in Banff. (sorry, no link... they don't appear to have a website!)

The frantic part of the day is done - almost 36 hours in. Now, I just hang... in one of Canada's most remarkable tourit-trap towns!

I just finished dinner at St. James Gate Irish Pub. (again, some reviews, but no website)

It was an interesting experience in people watching. I must have been the only single person in the pub. Everyone was in groups or couples. The other thing I noticed was that the bartender seemed far more sociable than the servers. I was sitting just inside the front door, facing the bar, but across the room from it. The bartender was laughing and joking with the folks he was serving.

My server, on the other hand, seemed almost "robottish" in her routine. She smiled a bit, but no eye contact and very "textbook" conversation....

"Can I get you a drink?"
"Have you decided on some food?"
"How is everything?"

... and each time, just barely allowing me to utter my response before rushing off to the table next to me - at which was seated a party of four. Same story there as well. Business done, on to the next.

I was half-way tempted to go sit with the folks at the bar!

True, it could have been partly personality.
It could have been the work load - although it really wasn't that busy.

I must say... a less than social experience.

So, here I sit at the cyber cafe.

Just about as social... at least... I have all of you to make comments on my story!

So, I'm gonna hang out, surf some blogs and put in some time... maybe go for a soak in the ever-famous Upper Hot Spings.

Actually... that sounds rather appealing.

OK... surf later... time for a tub!

...a much deserved tub.

1:00 AM come quickly!


ipodmomma said...

nice link... hope you had a great soak.. :)))

Sarah Elaine said...

Sounds like a hectic weekend indeed! Hope you found time to enjoy it...

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