Saturday, May 27, 2006

Middle of my 48-hour day

The second of two really frantic weekends... more details in the next post, but this is the almost half-way mark. I was up at 6am Friday morning, it's now 1:15 AM Saturday morning. Getting a few things together for tormorrow's events then off to a local golf course to drop a system in at 6AM, pick one up from last night at 7:30 AM, then to a town north of Calgary for 9:30, then to Banff for... er... 4:00 PM.


I can relax.

Till the 1:00 AM pickup.

Then home for a rest. *sigh*


Sunday morning coffee with L.

Ah, the life of an entrepreneur!

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ipodmomma said...

hope that coffee will be good and hot, tasty too... and the company very enjoyable...

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