Monday, May 15, 2006

Music Monday (2)

I frequent a coffee shop in my neighbourhood that years ago, under the previous management, supported local live acts - mostly extremely amateur "garage band" types and jammers.

Then along came Nothin' But Trouble.

This was a four-piece band, three ladies and a guy. Amongst their collection of instruments: accoustic guitars, banjo, sax, flute and standup bass.

All three ladies were "music therapists" by vocation - which makes me wonder why they weren't just a little more polished. On occasion they would host an "open jam" - inviting anyone who wished to play or sing along to jump right in.

As I listen to these recordings (a cd I bought at one of their weekly shows for which I don't have the liner with all the really good information I was hoping to share today... uggg...) I think back to the days of the Nothin' But Trouble parties... nights of bluegrass, folk and boarderline country music. They did a pretty amazing cover of the Eurithmics' "Sweet Dreams" along with a number of original pieces - two of which I have posted here with links to the songs.

Some faithful readers here have had trouble downloading the tunes I post - most possibly because of the MP-4 format I'm in the habit of using. Much as I really detest MP-3 for its mediocre sound quality, the objective here is to share the music.

So, you will find the files in standard MP-3.


Pretty Girls
There are pretty girls who don't like to get dirty
There are pretty girls who sleep until 12:30
There are pretty girls with 99 pairs of shoes
There are pretty girls who jump if you ask them to.

Pretty won't last for ever
Pretty won't make you whole
Pretty won't make you clever
Pretty won't penetrate your soul

I am pretty confident that it's your mind and not your body that should attract
I am pretty confident that pretty fades away, and that's a fact

There are pretty girls who obsess about their looks
There are pretty girls who never read a book
There are pretty girls like candy to the eye
There are pretty girls who never sweat, but have firm theighs

Looking for somebody whoes main concern is looking good
Well I won't fit that picture, honey,
I never have and I never could.
pretty might be pretty good for a good time
but will pretty be pretty enough to stimulate your mind?

I Faked It
Well, me and Eddie had a bust-up,
He'd been mine for a couple of years.
I know I should be cryin'
But why have I no tears?
Well there's something about dear, dear Eddie
That made this an easy goodbye.
It made it quite releaving,
And i'm gonna tell you why...

Well it started out with dinner
Candle light and all.
I felt like pretty Cinderella
Princess at the ball,
When things started to get real hot
and i didn't want him to quit.
But then he stopped, all satisfied,
and i thought, "What, that's it??"

So i faked it, i faked it,
Oooh aaahh oooo...
I know you thought it was qute the fun
But i faked it every time.
I faked it, i faked it,
yes i really did.
you were cute and "perdy",
but you just weren't good in bed.

I thought it would get better,
I thought he'd get a clue.
I thought i'd try to help him out,
Show him what to do.
But poor old Eddie didn't get it.
At "it" he really failed.
But i didn't want to hurt his feelings;
And so i screamed and whailed!

If you must understand
A shallow person I am not.
I'm not lookin' for a Superman
Or someone who's really hot.
I know that's quite the matter,
But Eddie had really big feet.
All that rythm and motion and
Eddie couldn't keeep a beat.

I know to you it was heaven;
I know you had your fun.
But each time that you finished
I was never done.
faked it, i faked it...

NEXT WEEK: Any requests?


smiley said...

Well this 'faithful reader' did listen to the songs, I liked the Pretty Girls (hey that sounds like me :0) cool lyrics, mind if I post it on my blog?), but 'I faked it' sounds rather miserable.

As for requests do they have to be Canadian, if not how about Bon Jovi? :0)

Turtle Guy said...

smiley - you're welcome to post anything you like on your blog - one's blog is a reflection of one's experience, yes? Also, what would you think of a "hard rock" theme to include Bon Jovi, perhaps some GNR, Scorpions, and maybe some Motley Crue?

smiley said...

Thanks Turtle Guy, I think a hard rock theme would be good. :0)

oshee said...

Wow! it isn't so much their sound is it. They could work at being a lot more polished. They are so fun tho! What a refreshing change of theme to the music. I so can relate with both songs. I Faked It still has me giggling. Thanks for the introduction.

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