Saturday, May 06, 2006


Banish uncertainty.
Affirm strength.
Hold resolve.
Expect death.

Make your stand today. On this spot. Make your actions count; do not falter in your determination to fulfill your destiny. Don't follow the destiny outlined in some mystical book: create your own.

Your resolve to tread the path of life is your best asset. Without it, you die. Death is unavoidable, but let it not be from loss of will but because your time is over. As long as your can keep going, use your imagination to cope with the travails of life. overcome your obstacles and realize what you envision.

You will know unexpected happiness. You will know the sorrow of seeing what is dearest to you cut down before your eyes. Accept that. That is the nature of human existence, and you have no time to buffer this fact with fairy tales and illogical explanations.

Each day, your life grows shorter by twenty-four hours. The time to make achievements becomes more precious. You must fulfill everything you want in life and then rlease your will upon the moment of death. Your life is a creation that dies when you die. Release it, give up your individuality, and in so doing, finally merge completely with Tao.

Until that moment, create the poetry of your life with toughness and determination.

meditation for May 5
365 Tao
Deng Ming-Dao
Harper Collins


Sarah Elaine said...

Sounds a bit like the poetry of Henry David Thoreau... one of my fave's.

Good meditation.

ipodmomma said...

very nice... death is there, waiting for all of us...

but what we do until then... that is the beauty of life!

Turtle Guy said...

SE - Clearly you need to revisit Eats Shoots and Leaves!

IPM - Is death "waiting", or is it a place we come to? Oh, and don't forget... "be".

Expat Traveler said...

Hmmm - i think I'm just going to keep on trudging for now.. I've resolved and am doing. (a wee bit tired)

smiley said...

That's a great meditation.

After all, we've just got a short time on this earth, so should 'Live Life to the Fullest' and make our lives count in that short time.

traveller one said...

That last line would make a great blog title- The Poetry of My Life!

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