Monday, January 09, 2006

Who Dies?

After reading Anvilcloud's 'A Form of Grief' it reminded me of a
James Keelaghan tune. In it he talks about the inevitability of death in a realist fashion, but also points out that we ARE alive and that while we're here we should embrace everything and everybody we have in our lives. Some have said this is a morbid tune, others find it inspirational.

I personally embrace James' words. Every day I find myself thinking of all the people and events that have shaped my life. Some days it's a challenge, but I try to keep everyone "in the radar".

What are your thoughts?

WHO DIES? James Keelaghan, Road, 1999

A nephew once asked me when he was quite young: "Who dies?"
I said, "Everyone dies."
No use denying it, one day you're done. Oh, everyone dies."
Princes and paupers, there's no one immune.
And no one who'll escape their demise.
So you'd better make the most of each day that you're given.
Oh, everyone dies.

Now people have pondered this, time and again:
Who dies? Everyone dies.
We suspect that we're more than mere mortal remains.
Oh, everyone dies.
Wisemen and prophets, they've all had their say
on the nature of our after-lives.
But in case there's no beer there, we'll have one more round!
Oh everyone dies.

Now your time may be short, or your time may be long
Who dies? Everyone dies.
But it's goiong to happen, as sure as you're born
Oh, everyone dies? Everyone dies.
Friends and relations and all we hold dear
Will one day pass to the other side.
So you'd better embrace them as long as they're here.
Oh, everyone dies.

Take a listen to 'Who Dies?'


Granny said...

May my words be gentle and loving today because tomorrow I may have to eat them.

"Plaque above my kitchen sink"

We can all look back on the things we said or should have said and didn't (like I love you).

Good post.

Anvilcloud said...

I'd never heard the song before, and I enjoyed it, both reading it and hearing it. Thanks. So true. I believe in enjoying the minutes as much as possible, and I usually do.

Chrystal said...

I think that we need to be reminded of our mortatlity so we don't waste any of this precious time that has been given to us. Such a small amount of time to experience all the world has to offer. Such a small amount of time to give to those around us. Such a small amount of time to love and be loved. Don't waste a moment!

Sarah Elaine said...

I forgot that I knew that song until I heard it again. James K. is brilliant, isn't he?

I think his words are wise. Somewhere along the way, I learned not to be afraid of death... I've looked it in the face a couple of times and it didn't freak me out as much as I expected it to.

I don't think many people our age have a formal, legal Last Will and Testament. I did mine a few years ago... (Now if I could only get to my taxes...)

I think that we fear some things more than we need to... Death is as natural as life, though we fear the former and rejoice in the latter.

Big topic... We could chat about it for hours... For now... Live long and prosper. :-)

Dale said...

Hi Dave. I'm here via Anvilcloud. Great lyrics. Wish I could play the song. What, pray tell, is an MP4 file extension?

Turtle Guy said...

Wow, what a topic for discussion! Thank you so much, all, for your comments!

G - Kitchen plaques share so much wisdom, don't they!?

AC - You've sparked a conversation that I'm sure we'll continue or at the very least, revisit.

C - You're right. It's so easy to go day by day and not really realize that there is a deadline - eventually "the end" will come. Will we be satisfied?

SE - JK is brilliant, and I think it's because he takes normal, every day experiences and tells them like they are - no fairy tales, only dreams and nothing contrived, just what he observes.

And yes, we may well continue this thread for hours! Not sure if it’s just timing, but I'm meeting with an Anglican priest for lunch tomorrow to banter about spirituality... I may share some of our thoughts with him.

D - Thanks for dropping by! MP4 is a file extension used by Nero. It is compatible with Windows Media Player. You SHOULD be able to play it automatically. Let me know if you continue to have problems, I can post a link to an MP3 file if you wish.

ipodmomma said...

so much I could say here... but a great song...

thanks for posting it!

Expat Traveler said...

I just know that I want to live every day to its fullest, appreciate every life, live like it is my last, then I won't have any regrets no matter what happens.

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