Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bryan Adams gives great room service!

I just got in from the Bryan Adams show at the Saddledome. As always, he rocked the house! Almost 3 hours of solid entertainment - a true professional. The boys are getting older, moving a little slower, but still moving! The music is as good as ever, and this is one band you KNOW enjoys every minute of what they do! Adams complimented Alberta for its beauty and said "...and I can't believe you're getting paid $400 to live here, too!" (For those of you who may not be aware, our premier, Ralph Klein is issuing a cheque to each Albertan in the amount of $400 sometime this month.)

Do you remember in days of old when concert rock ballads brought out all the lighters? With time, audiences have changed. At this show it was none other than a sea of cell phones! Perhaps a third of anywhere from 12-15000 people held up active cell phones to capture the feeling of... er... Lithium-powered... well, anyway....

The show included two encores, the finale being a solo accoustic set - followed by a very warm and gracious "thank you" on Bryan's part. 25 years this guy has been going strong and I admire his work ethic and grand accomplishments.

Rock on!

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