Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Solomn Time

The air was crisp this morning, but much like... as a Chinook rolls in... crisp, but not harsh. I decided to venture in the direction of my favourite coffee shop. Along the way I met a lovely couple and their small boy. I know them from having met them around the neighbourhood and at Community BBQs. We smiled, exchanged some kind words and moved along.

The coffee this morning was smooth and mild. Tania was at the counter - haven't seen her since... gosh, for ever. Didn't really get a chance to catch up, there were folks behind me in line, so I moved toward the door. I strolled across the street and stopped in at C's for a visit. He's a fellow from "the old country" who's always happy to see a face. This was good, because mine happened to be in his shop! We sat and yammered on about nothing in particular, but it was nice. In short order a customer strolled in, so I took to glancing at the paper. C was doing the crossword, so it was conveniently open at the "Horror-scopes". What the heck.. Aquarius... let's see...

"You may be fooling everyone around you, including yourself when it comes to your latest craze. Figure out who you can talk to about important changes."

My latest craze? That's curious. Sometimes, I suppose, these things are written for entertainment purposes. On occasion it hits home. I'm thinking of a part time job - wonder if that's what's worth the re-think?

I'm caught in a bit of a weird space right now. Somewhere between craving a cerebral challenge and the desire to shut down completely and just "be". Is it the dreaded "January Blues"? I should hope not - all societal hype as far as I'm concerned. There's lots of sun, frsh air (relatively) and good company to be had.

I have a lunch appointment at a small town just west of here... perhaps there's an opinion or two to be had there.


Sarah Elaine said...

Interesting horror-scope, as you put it!

Don't take it too seriously... Sounds like you've got things in balance when you appreciate the little things in life.

ipodmomma said...

did you have a nice lunch?

Turtle Guy said...

SE - Thanks for the words of encouragement.

IPM - A wonderful lunch, yes... rather surprsing though - I thought she said the lunch special was "tortilla"... in fact, it was "Tourtiere" - vastly different. One is presumed to be Mexican, the other is a French Canadian meat pie! Yummy, none the less!

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