Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day 2006

Wow, what a year! After having read Ipodmama’s post on the year’s goings on, I feel a wee bit resentful that I haven’t kept a diary of events. My Dad used to encourage me to keep a diary. I started several times, but I guess the motivation just wasn’t there. I’ve been blogging since November, so perhaps this in and of itself will serve as a record of events.

In the days since my last post I’ve taken in quite a bit – socially, emotionally and economically. I shared some wonderful times with some wonderful people – everyone here included, thanks for stopping by and keeping me in the loop!!

Yesterday’s events included a wonderful brunch with my folks, although I noticed my Dad was a bit blah… I really don’t think he has enough stimulus in his life. He suffers from Dementia and I’m convinced that if he had more regular “stuff” going on, he’d be far more alert on a regular basis.

After brunch, I came home, returned some emails and loaded the van for the New Years party I played last night. En route to the event I stopped in at the pool for a quick swim. All this talk in the blogging world about fitness had me thinking I haven’t been to the pool in a while. The weather’s been so mild I’ve been walking. Swimming is something I do in the cold months when it’s… well, unpleasant to be outside. At the New Years party I was treated to a roast beef dinner and beverages – like one of the family! This particular client has been on board with us for… gosh… almost 10 years if not that!

The party rocked. I rolled tape on it too, so there’s a record of the event. Oh, yes… and to Zou Zou, I did in fact play that song for you that I promised in the reply to your new furniture post… might be worth a listen if you’re interested – Uncle David screwed up… yes, DJs do on occasion! It got a laugh from the audience and I ended up booking two events from yesterdays endeavours, so… party on!

New Years Day is dedicated to sleep. It’s been a long, emotional season. I need to regroup so I can come out sluggin’ Monday and in full force on Tuesday.

To you and yours – peace, rest for your soul and a rekindled enthusiasm for all your endeavours.

Be well, my friends!



ipodmomma said...

ahhh Dave, you are very kind! the best way for me to remember was just going through pics on the comp... and I still forgot to write about going to Ireland until after I'd read it over a couple of times...

Peter's dad suffered with dementia his last years, and we really saw that when he had things to do, he was more focused and on. but his last three years were without playing tennis, his passion, and driving. with those things gone, and eyesight failing, there wasn't much for him to get into. it was difficult to watch, as he lived with us for three months, and as his world got smaller, his mind lost sharpness.

will keep your dad in my thoughts... sounds like the rest of your holiday was spot-on! :))) happy '06!

CaliGirl said...

Happy new year Dave!

Sarah Elaine said...

Sounds like a good balance between time with family and time with work and partyting. Nice when you can party at work!

And you already got leads on 2 more gigs in the New Year?! Rock on!

Have a lovely sleep today!

Granny said...

My former father-in-law suffered from that as well. It was sad to watch. I agree that activity helps. He was forced into retirement and nothing was the same for him after that.

His job had been his whole life and once that was gone, he could find nothing to replace it. He died two years later.

Your News Year's Eve sounded like fun. So was mine in a different way.

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