Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something a little more upbeat

That last post was a downer, OMG. I sent emails to three different people and phoned my sister to check in on life.

I did something today that brings me a great deal of joy. I went to school. I kept my mind occupied for the most part by working on a PowerPoint presentation for class tonight. There was a certain amount of motivation to do it too, since four people's grades were riding on this! There's something about that adrenalin rush you get with up-to-the-last-minute assignment completion that rides the line of "it's almost late"!

And it was! (ALMOST late, that is!) I left the house 15 minutes before class, but MAN, did we score. The class loved our presentation, and I received several comments on the production side. I, of course, was much harder on the technical production than anyone in the class because I kept noticing things I "could tweak" to make it "that much better". It's probably why I ran the deadline so tight. I'm not what you'd ever call a "perfectionist", but when it comes to stuff like that, I always burn up massive amounts of time with "What if I did this?" or "I could simply add this to make it that much cooler!"

Anyway, done and in.

On to Essay #2.

By the way, I highly recommend the book we did our presentation on. It was Wayne Johnston's Colony of Unrequited Dreams. It's a metafictional account of Joe Smallwood in Newfoundland in the early 20th Century, and it;s a gripper.

You won't put it down.

I'm not an avid reader... you won't put it down.

Maybe reading isn't so bad, after all.


It's movie time.

Horton Hears a Who.


Janice said...

Hi Dave,

Congrats on the presentation!

We just went to see Hornton hears a who, and it was really good. But be prepared there will be like a ton of kids there!


megz_mum said...

We are looking forward to seeing "Horton" also. Will have to try your book suggestion

Doozie said...

right on!!!

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