Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life in a nut... no, Turtle shell

March and April typically bring with them a sense of a lull. Mid-to-down-season activity work wise coupled with that 'it's not really winter / not yet spring' seasonal confusion add up to an overall feeling of "ugh".

This year's been unique. I think because there has been so much going on, the busy-ness of it all has over-rode the typical blahness. Or maybe it's that life is just generally better. I've noticed, as you have too, no doubt, a lower frequency of blog posts. That isn't because there's less noteworthy stuff going on. In fact, to the contrary I've been so busy I haven't taken the time to keep the blog updated.

As a bit of a side bar, I've also felt less compelled to share my life publicly. I look back on posts of the past and realize that I was quite over-eager to share and bare all. For example, early in my blog journey I was in a relationship that seemed so very perfect. It caused senses to awaken that I'd never known existed. I also shared my experiences - victories and failures - regardless of their seemingly greater or lesser importance. I'd discovered a whole new world which, actually, was simply the world. I was just awake now, and enjoying it. Now, as I continue to do all these things that enrich, educate and cause me to grow consistently, I seem to feel like they're less note-worthy somehow. Perhaps this is simply a plateau of great experiences, and my next burst of writing may come with the next upward swing of growth.

So, a quick update, spare the details... um... yah, right... me? spare the details?

SCHOOL - First quiz this term deflated me. I mean, it was bad. First essay? "You did some amazing research! I think you missed the point of the assignment, however." What I'd done was focus too much on the historic thread of my paper and not nearly enough on the textural reference to the novel we were actually reading. Oops. Group assignment - feeling the pressure right now. I'm responsible for creating our PowerPoint presentation. Two of my group mates showed up without their scripts ready to voice yesterday. It's puttin' the production guy under a wee bit of a time crunch for a Monday deadline, a Wednesday presentation. We meet again tomorrow.

WORK - Trucks along. Contracts seem to be coming in without an obsessive need to chase them. Is this what I should expect after 21 years? I should hope so.

YOGA - New studio, same favourite instructor. Haven't been in a couple weeks - last time the studio reeked of oil-based paint. I'm not allergic, but it simply isn't pleasant while I'm trying to focus on being good to my body, mind, spirit and soul.

POTTERY - So busy with 'other stuff', pottery's in the background right now.

MASSAGE THERAPY AND CHIROPRACTIC - Most of my issues lie in muscle groups, not as much in skeletal frame stuff. The kicker is that the frame is affected by the condition of the muscle groups! So, lots of stretching! The massage therapist student I had this week and last is amazing. The treatments themselves are pretty basic, but last session we both caught on to something key: working the muscle groups of the scapula and... believe it or not, arm pits. Sounds gross, I know, but it's these little buggers that are causing a great deal of forward rotation in my shoulders. I've requested to book with the same therapist student for the next little while. She's a smart cookie!

WALK/RUN PROGRAM FOR MOTHER'S DAY 5K - Hit and miss, really. The running part is great, the cold air in the mornings around here makes it difficult. My upper chest hurts, so I back it off, and hence don't get the 'forward motion' I'm looking for. It may be time to hit the treadmill or an indoor track.

HOUSE, HOUSE MATES, TENANTS AND ANIMALS - It's a crazy, mixed up world. Animals upstairs, animals downstairs and people all over. We're in transition as the basement becomes "more finished". What started as a simple "face lift" has grown into weeks of... waiting mostly. This is crunch weekend. We aim to have the floor done and the kitchen back together. Translation? I get my upstairs space back, and my tenants settle themselves in for a long, happy and hopefully healthy stay. Now... the yard. Eeek.

TURTLE OVERALL - Overall, things are good, pushing great. Turtle is tired often, but happy, and must remember... less coffee. I'm back into nasty habits like many-a-day coffees. Bad Turtle.

Turtle out.


cathouse teri said...

Glad things are good. You are quite open here at blogness, but seems harmless.

I responded to your request at my blog, so ya gotta go visit again! :)

Anvilcloud said...

It's good to hear from you again and to get caught up. Have a good easter weekend -- although you may be busy doing un0fum things.

ipm said...

life has these ebbs and flows and it's good to take stock and see what's going where...

I'm as bad with tea as you are with coffee. it's a hard habit to break, thinking how can I live without it? but last month I went totally DECAF.... yes! and I only had one bad day of an on again, off again headache.

and I proved to myself I could do it. that was very noteworthy. however, it's 7.33 AM and I am eagerly waiting for 8 so I can click on the kettle. need to set some limits...

have a really lovely day and good luck with the presentation!

Granny said...

I should have read this post before I asked you about the potting.

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