Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coffee and getting enough sleep

Yesterday I had a warm and fuzzy experience at Starbucks.

Yes, at Starbucks.

I'm in the habit these days of ordering a double-shot espresso instead of a full coffee. Add a little cream and a drop of honey, and it's all good.

On Saturday I'd ordered a triple down at Chinook Centre when I met with a client. Yesterday I decided to do the same, but closer to home. Both times, the baristas said,

"A triple shot - OK, what size?"

I'm thinking to myself, "What do you mean, 'what size'?"

Both times there was a pause, a bit of a blush, then recognition of 'what size'!

I cannot be too hard on them though. After all, anyone who can remember ALL those obsessively integrated beverage names must be afforded some latitude. I simply found it amusing that I got the same reaction at two different locations.

What I got at the second, however, was unique. The girl who actually made my espresso presented it to me and asked,

"Would you like another shot? I mean, I have to make them in doubles, so I'm throwing one out anyway since you only want a triple."

What does a guy say, other than "SURE!"

So there I was, ready to face my day with a quadruple espresso, the effects of which did not take hold until it came to sleeping last night. I was awake and asleep several times, and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away today.

So I walked to Safeway for groceries tonight. I'm in great shape for a sleep now.

Turtle out.

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watch out for those little expressos.... they're a doozy!

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