Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Proof, once again, that life is short, and Henry remembered...

This last weekend marked one year since I travelled to Ontario for my friend Henry's funeral.

I found out only today over lunch with my friend Michelle, that a mutual friend, Doug, with whom we had grown up, was killed in an avalanche in British Columbia in February. Not that long ago, I DJ'd Doug's wedding reception at a local Calgary golf course. When I saw him last, I shook his hand and shared a beverage with him at the old neighbourhood's Stampede Block Party in July - a bit of a tradition for both of us since we were boys of 8 and 10.

I remember telling a story at Doug's wedding. Not long after we'd moved to the neighbourhood, my Dad had purchased a load of soil which was delivered to our front lawn. At the time, Doug fancied himself an accomplished BMX Motocross bike rider. He took great delight in using the pile as a bike jump for stunts. This infuriated my Dad who felt that the soil was precious and for use in his garden, NOT to be used for anything as frivolous as stunting. Those at the wedding reception who were from the neighbourhood laughed, as they too were there to witness the antics of an 8-year-old.

Doug was 35.

Henry was 51.

I'm 38.

It makes me wonder how much more life I have to live.

Life IS short, as cliche as it may sound, and I hope you will acknowledge and appreciate those who share this life with you.

With reference to my previous post about projects, one is going to be human connections.

In fact, maybe that's a good title.


megz_mum said...

Life is short and unpredictable. Much as we like to think we know to smell the roses and to be kind to everyone, it sometimes does take an unfortunate turn of events to remind us. So sad to hear of your friend.

ipm said...

you know, it's a wonder we all live as long as we do. some lives are measured in different time however, because their span is not nearly what we think it should be. so theirs is measured in the love and memories, instead of years.

those people will live on, in how you hold them in your heart. that day is coming for each of us. it's just a matter of getting sorted that which needs to be attended to...

thinking of you...

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