Friday, March 21, 2008

Projects abound

There seems to be no end of things going on around here. Numerous household projects, school, work, general living - it's all sometimes a little overwhelming, but in a good way.

What I'm craving though, is something new. A new project - something that I can get lost in with reckless abandon and glee. I'm simply not sure what.

Last year it was school. Going to University, even as a recreational student, had me wide-eyed and keen. It's still interesting, and I'm on a regular path with it, but somehow the "newness" of it has faded. I have to admit, in the beginning I had the most wonderful professor. Her equal, I dare say, does not exist. I haven't heard from M. since she took medical leave in September, right at the beginning of our Detective Fiction course. I have heard through the grape vine that she is well and spending her time doing what she needs to do in order to return to the classroom in the Fall. Will I take a course from her? Not sure. A second language course is what I had in mind for September.

Last year, too, I started yoga. New, introspective and calming. It continues.

This year, I need a new 'something'. I'd considered revisiting an 'old something' like music lessons, model railroading or dance lessons but I think 'expansion' is the key. Something fresh, something new.

I'm going to open the floor for suggestions. Also, if you're a regular reader here at the Armchair who doesn't normally leave comments, please do. I may simply take all the bits and pieces, place them in a hat and pick.

The first new project? Find a project!

Now... off to clean up some old ones!


ipm said...

I find that there are LOADS of projects for me to finish. but I tend to take a internal leading, to where I need to place my energies next.

today I sense it will be the washer and dryer.... :)))

I love writing, cross stitching, but maybe your garden could use a new look?

there you go....

megz_mum said...

Not an easy question, to find a new project! I know what you mean though, something fresh and interesting is sometimes what is needed - helping with your local theatre group, front of house, back stage or acting might be good. They would certainly appreciate your musical/sound knowledge. Maybe cooking?? Good Luck!

Miss 1999 said...

I know how you feel! It seems there's always *something* going on-- one project or another that I'm constantly trying to work on, but always end up getting side-tracked to something else. I'm needing to get back to some things I've started awhile back, like you said, now, they'll be fresh and new :0)

Leaving hugs and best wishes for a safe and Happy Easter :0)

cathouse teri said...

If it's "expansion" you want, you can get that sitting on the couch watching the "boob tube!" :)

Is it active activity you're after? Or something like learning to watercolor?

Janice said...


I use to learn something every few years or so; sculpture, knitting, herbs, gardening, wood working, and the last was writing which I'm still on.

Have you tried reading through the classics?

Happy Easter!


Granny said...

Are you still potting?

pissed off patricia said...

The best thing as far as a project that I love is working in my yard. Planting flowers, herbs etc. If you have a yard, you might consider that.

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