Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Something new

This year's "something new" is... (insert drum roll)

OK, I'll give you a hint...

...perhaps another?

Admittedly, this is not something I can do consistently every day, week or perhaps even every month, but travel is something I've decided not to put off until I'm 50.

I'll keep you posted, but in the mean time I have a plane to catch!


Fiona said...

Good for you!!!! Definitely a good idea not to leave it until we are old!!!
Now, where shall you go??

Anvilcloud said...

You're going to build model planes and trains??

Janice said...

Where are you to Dave? Some place warm for a change?

megz_mum said...

Enjoy,keep posting so we can do "where in the world is Dave?"

Sarah Elaine said...

I wondered what was up with that e-mail you sent. Itchy feet, huh?

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