Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Blo-og... Happy Birthday to you!

OK, that was a cheesy title, but it's true! Today is my blog's first birthday. As most do, I'm sure, my space here started small with this post.

Thank you to Sarah for the inspiration and to Ann who was my first visitor. (Ann and I had a chat on the phone a while back, and it was delightful!)

At the time of posting, this site has seen 1518 visits - an average of 4 visits per day. I've posted 185 times and when you consider each post sees an average of 5 comments, that's a lot of response! (almost 1000!)

Thank you all for sharing in a wonderful year of reading, reflection and contemplation!


The Original Turtle


Mel said...

Happy Blog-birthday!

Granny said...

I remember your first post but had forgotten I was your first visitor. How about that!!

Happy Blog-birthday.

I enjoyed our conversation too. Call me anytime - it was a great surprise.

Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations Turtle.

Badoozie said...

glad you've stuck with it a whole year!! my average is 72 per day. i'm bragging........sorry.....

Expat Traveler said...

congrats and happy blog bday!

oshee said...


Anonymous said...

Yo main, you got any spare cake?

Congrats, TG. Thanks for your faithful visits to my own blog and I extend a hearty-soupy wish for you to celebrate more blog-irthdays (blirthdays?) in the future.

Sarah Elaine said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy First Blog B-day!!
We in the blogosphere celebrate!!
Woo-hoo! Horns are blowing and confetti is falling!!

Turtle Guy said...

You all rock!

Thanks for the well-wishes, long may we continue!

Aunt Jo said...

Happy Blogger Boobah TurtleGuy!

I am here from Susiebadoozie's Gobhole 'specially to say that.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

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