Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Today is my first day!

Hello, Bloggers All!

Thought I might try this medium to throw out a few thoughts here and there. It feels like tomorrow will be a soulful day, so perhaps for now I will call it an accomplishment to simply have created this space. For what it is, welcome to it! Any words of wisdom to a new blogger?



Sarah Elaine said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Turtle Guy!

Granny said...

Welcome, welcome. I'm almost as new as you (September 05) and I beg for help from time to time, especially with blogger vocabulary and etiquette.

I'm ducking back to "granny" and find a funny (at least to me) squib on blogging.

I'll be back.

Granny said...

As promised: (pure corn but oh well) that's me.

A New Blogging dictionary?
I love this column - it's the main reason I have the Sun-Times in my mailbox every day.

Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes today:


All blogged out

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language (cont'd):

*BuzzWhack, www.buzzwhack .com, warns that more and more businesses are starting to use the words "proceduralize" and "productize."

*"Blogcott." "Blogolalia." "Bloggadacio."

Stop it.
Stop it now


Have fun with all this. I'm having a great time and talking (figuratively) far too much.

Turtle Guy said...

Granny, I have to ask... how do you "unquote" a quote? Should that not be "end quote"? Just a little something I picked up on in a speech class I took years ago. It's up there with "free" because "for free" sounds childish, or child-like. Listen to me, will you!

Thanks by the way for dropping by! As the days go by, more and more readers! This is grand. I don't feel so new anymore.

Granny said...

Hi Dave

I'm 67 years old and many of the things we learned back when we were writing with chisel and stone have changed; the use of the comma for example bounces back and forth between too many and too few.

That's probably what happened with quote unquote. It's gone the way of "Yours of the 15th inst rec'd and contents noted" that was considered correct usage when Scrooge was busy in his counting house.

Old habits die hard but I think you're right if I can only remember.

Granny said...

Or maybe it's just British stuffiness. I must watch that as well.

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