Friday, November 25, 2005

Just what I needed!

Wow, that was great. I was sitting here at my desk working on my website - still rather flustered with Front Page - as elementary as it is - so that tells you where I'm at in the league of do-it-yourself web masters!! The phone rang. It was my friend Dave (no relation) asking if I had some time to work my arms. A bit of a strange question from anyone other than perhaps your personal trainer. Before committing, I of course asked "what did you have in mind?" Turned out, the scouts were receiving their first semi-truck of Christmas trees from BC. Dave, his son and another boy in the scout group were the only ones on site to haul off some 400 trees. As the church is only down the street from my office, also my home, I decided to take a trundle. Not without my travel mug though - hot chocolate first! On arrival, I discovered many more bodies to help! We spent probably half to three-quarters of an hour off-loading trees. Just the thing I needed to clear my head from the cyber webs! The fellow in charge was asking around to see if anyone knew of a place he could photocopy the delivery order... Dave immediately offered my office as a resource, so we buzzed up, ran a few pages through the copier and another good deed done for the day. I love good deeds. It's those things that just say "thank you" to the Universe for all the good stuff we get. ...reminds me of the line "anyone got some used money they'd like to trade for a fresh, warm glow?" Money I do not have, however my goblet of time and talent overfloweth. Knock and I shall answer, ask and ye shall receive. Just a little friendly advice to those of you who may be in a weird funk where the world isn't going just the way you'd like: give something back, give of yourself, your resources, your time - whatever. It will turn your funk around - guaranteed... or at least it will make you feel good if only for a little while. Blessings, all.


Sarah Elaine said...

OK, it's your first day as a blogger and you've already posted 4 times? Holy, are we keen or what?

Hint: more than a couple of posts a day and your readers might get overwhelmed. (Hence, less comments for you!)

Having said that... you sound like you've had fun blogging and doing good deeds today... How's the website coming along? ;-)

Turtle Guy said...

Sarah: Hmm... for someone as attentive to detail as you appear to be in real life, I'm surprised you didn't note the dates and times of my meagre 4 posts. I was beginning to wonder if anyone ever read these things when you post outside of a "clique" of bloggers. I'm so new!

How's the website coming... that question may just spawn the next entry... stay tuned!

Granny said...

I'm reading these in backward order.

I have a tendency to overwhelm as well. It's a standing joke among my friends.

If you doubt it, check out the blog sometime.

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