Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pottery update

I'm having my own little party here inside my shell. It's a monumental day in my history.

It took me close to an hour to get to class as a result of our recent snowfall translating to a prolonged rush hour "drive home".

On arrival I got right on the wheel - no messing about. I discovered, to my amazement, my first ball of clay centered REALLY well! I thought to myself,

"This must just be a fluke... it couldn't honestly be that I've... 'got it'?"

I centered another.

And yet another.

Well, I was impressed! Apparently I HAVE "got it"! According to our instructor, it takes the average student 12 weeks to master centering. Of course, if the clay is not centered, you really have nothing because... well, I think that's obvious!

What I discovered after doing my little happy-dance of clay cetering was that I have yet to master the art of one of the next steps. I can "open" a piece (put a hole in it), but apparently I have yet to grasp (literally) the art of "raising". This is where you give your piece some height by drawing the sides up between your fingers. Applying just the right pressure is a matter of feel and experience.

I've learned how to centre a ball of clay - in about 4 weeks longer than "average", so I'm happy. You see, with anything new, my learning curve is such that I don't gradually do better and better and better. I appear to fumble horribly forever and ever, then one day it just "clicks" and I have it. And I have it for life.

Pottery is apparently no different.


Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations! I think my learning curve is much the same.

jafabrit said...

Hi there, you are on dr.johns link of the day.

I love ceramics but have no ability with it, so I think I will stick to painting :) Nice feeling when something clicks.

Margaret said...

Funny that you've mentioned clay. Here I am taking a break with clay all over my shirt, pants and in my fingernails checking out Dr. John's link of the day. My 4 year old daughter is covered in it too as we've been busy making homemade Christmas ornaments all morning. They're baking now and hopefully after lunch this afternoon we can start painting some.


Granny said...

I have a little of that myself. Unfortunately what I lack is patience so I'd be more apt to fling the ball of clay across the room.

Your way is better. Congratulations.

Chana said...

hello to a fellow Calgarian and a turtle lover. how you liking the nice, cold to the bone chill eh? the city looks beautiful with all the snow but it is beyond cold..

i had a look over your other blogs. you have nice stuff out there. i'm glad Dr. John made you his link of the day for now many others will be able to enjoy your post.

if i ever need a DJ, i'll make sure i come calling..good luck with all that you have goin on..School is usually a full enough task..

Becareful on the roads. stay warm. cheers.

Misty said...

Congratulations! We knew you would get the hang of it! It's the "sticking with it" part that impacts the character the most, not necessarily what skill level you are at. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by as Dr John has you linked as Blog of the Day.

Nice to see another Calgarian on the Blogger. This Calgary weather, winter seems to have come earlier this year, though for the last few years we actually been really lucky.

Interesting blog you have here, so much to look at. Will peruse and visit all your blogs when times permits.

A wonderful weekend to you.

smiley said...

Congratulations!!! I'm sure you'll be raising the clay in no time too.

As you can see I have finally found some time to visit the blog-o-sphere.

Jan said...

It was 73f here today, no snow in site! I think snow is pretty to look, wretched bad to be in, but that's me.

Dr. John made you link of the day, as you know by now, and I'm glad that I stopped by.

Rob said...

Turtle Guy...What an interesting name.

Janice said...

Hi Dave,


Now that brings me back!

Just remember your in charge not the clay, and you just show that clay you mean business, gently of course.


Badoozie said...

hmmm. pottery sounds very stimulating.....hmmmm

pissed off patricia said...

Sounds sort of like learning to ride a bike. Once you got the hang of it, you have it for life.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and I know the feeling. After almost a year, I can play six chords on the guitar, in a row, without the guitar buzzing back at me. It's amazing when stuff clicks. Of course, at my age, stuff is also starting to come loose--I needed to do some long division the other day and I temporarily forgot how to do it. I immediately rushed to the guitar and played those six chords, just to regain my equilibrium.

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